Pheu Thai Joins Chorus Against Anti-Yingluck Cartoonist

(2 May) Vice spokesman of Pheu Thai Party criticized Thai Rath newspaper′s cartoonist who caused a furor among the Redshirts by implying PM Yingluck Shinawatra is worse than a prostitute.

In a statement released on Pheu Thai website, Mr. Anusorn Iamsa-ard said that the cartoonist "Chai Ratchawatra" has long held anti-democratic attitudes, and has "lost his mind" by using abusive language against the female Prime Minister.

"Chai Ratchawatra has not just insulted the nation′s leader, but also insulted the gender of his own mother," the statement said


Mr. Anusorn stressed that his criticism did not extend to Thai Rath newspaper, saying that the paper houses many respectable journalists.


"We believe Thai Rath will solve the matter on its own with professionalism," Mr. Anusorn said, "We only wish to single out Chai Ratchawatra for condemnation"

Earlier today, 100 Redshirts protesters rallied in front of Thai Rath newspaper headquarters at Vipharvadee Road to voice their anger at the cartoonist′s Facebook post which reads "Prostitutes only sell their bodies, but evil woman sells her country", alongside photos of Ms. Yingluck.