Indictment for Abhisit and Suthep Postponed to 12 December

(2 November) Prominent Democrat MPs, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva and Mr. Suthep Thuegsuban, to hear their official indictment on 12 December, regarding their roles during the 2010 Military Crackdown.

The former Prime Minister and his deputy, who was also in charge as the director of Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) at the time when the unrest sparked, have reported to the Attorney General after they were charged by public prosecutor with murder attempts in 2010 Black May.

However, as the two individuals were protected from trial or arrest due to their roles as Members of Parliament, the indictment against them must be approved by court.

Mr. Abhisit then expressed his confident that it will be fair for every party to use the legal system to solve the violent incident took place in 2010.


Moreover, Mr. Abhisit expressed his messages to Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, by saying that the Prime Minister and her family must obey the law and responsible for the national problems, not trying to win the trial to get THB 57 billion of people’s taxes in their pocket.

Former Prime Minister also said his party would continue to stand against the Amnesty Bill.

“It’d be cool for him to come [face trial]”, replied Mr. Abhisit, when questioned whether he would like Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra to enter the justice system.

The Attorney General, Mr. Uttapol Yaikwang, clarified that he only play his role upon his power, and had not been pressured by the current political circumstances.

“As a protector of the law, I am standing on the ridge of a coin, where I cannot fall if I stand in the middle” said Mr. Uttapol, who added that “the truth will be revealed by the course of justice.”

The investigation on the 6 murders at Wat Pratumwanaram is still in progress as witnesses and evidences are being gathered. The latest information has indicated mutually that the group of gunmen was responsible for the 6 deaths and ammunition cartridges were found on the BTS Sky Train track.

There have been disagreements on whether the murder charges should be individual crime or as-a-whole, it is up to the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate and conduct further prosecutions.




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