Doctors Council Denies Issuing Anti-Govt Statement

Anti-government protesters pulling down the gate of Department of Forestry, 12 February 2014

(12 February) Contrary to media reports, the Medical Council of Thailand has not issued any statement in support of anti-government protests, said its secretary-general.

"The Council has not taken any side in politics, and we have not issued any statement concerning the current political events," Dr. Sampan Komrit told reporters.

His announcement came after a group of doctors and Public Health officials – including the Director of the Medical Council of Thailand – unveiled their demands that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra resign from her caretaker position.

The director, Dr. Somsak Lohlekha, said in a press conference yesterday that Ms. Yingluck has committed great moral crimes and damaged the nation with her corrupt policies.

Dr. Somsak also urged Ms. Yingluck to "listen to the calls for reforms", and called for her to be replaced by a "neutral Prime Minister".

However, Dr. Sampan insisted that their demands are not endorsed official by the leadership of the 47,000-member Council.

Board members of the Council will also discuss this incident in their next meeting tomorrow, Dr. Sampan said.

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