Chiang Mai Redshirts Attack PCAD Rally

(17 February) Scores of pro-government supporters have attacked the anti-government rally in Chiang Mai province yesterday.


Demonstrators of the People′s Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD) were organising a rally under the theme of "We will give love to Chiang Mai" in front of Wat Jed Yod Temple to show their solidarity with fellow anti-government protests in Bangkok.
At 13.30, over 200 Redshirts calling themselves "Independent Chiang Mai Reds" arrived, led by Mr. Abhichart Insorn, near the PCAD rally and approached the anti-government protesters in threatening manner, causing PCAD demonstrators to flee into the temple.
Approximately 60 police officers attempted to separate the two rival protest groups from each other by closing the gate of the temple where PCAD demonstrators were taking shelter.
The Redshirts then proceeded to dismantle the PCAD rally stage, burning the banners and throwing stage structures into the nearby canal. 
PCAD supporters later fled the area via the temple′s backdoor. No injury has been reported. 

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