Uproar Over 'Doctored' Photo of Princess' Van At Red Rally

A photo of a 'real' van from  the Miracle of Life Foundation, offered as evidence to prove that a photo circulating on social media was doctored.

BANGKOK — A foundation run by His Majesty the King's eldest daughter is denying claims that they sent support to the Redshirt rally in Western Bangkok.

The claims stem from an undated photo that shows a white Toyota van operated by the Miracle of Life Foundation, which is founded and chaired by Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, parked amid Redshirt demonstrators on Aksa Avenue. 

The caption accompanying the photo claims that "903" – a codeword commonly understood to mean Princess Ubolratana – is throwing her support behind the pro-government movement and has dispatched supplies to the demonstrators in their rally site.

After the photo was widely circulated on social media, Manas Nonuch, an executive committee member of the Miracle of Life Foundation, met with Thammasala Police in Nakhon Pathom province today and urged them to pursue legal action against the original author of the post.


According to Mr. Manas, the photo was doctored to mislead the public. The Foundation has only one white Toyota van in its fleet, and that vehicle has never been dispatched to a Redshirt rally, Mr. Manas said.  

"Let me stress that the Foundation is not related to this matter in any way," said Mr. Manas. "The forgery is utterly inappropriate and offensive toward [Princess Ubolratana]."

He added that attempts to tie the Foundation to any political faction is condemnable because the Foundation is dedicated to impartially assisting those who suffer from poverty or natural disasters, regardless of political affiliation.  

Police say they have accepted Mr. Manas' complaint and initiated an effort to identify the original author of the post.

Although Princess Ubolratana relinquished her official royal title to marry an American in 1972, the Thai public nevertheless regards and addresses her as a member of the Royal Family. 



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