NLA Members Ordered to Reveal Assets Within 30 Days

Thailand's Crown Prince officially inaugurating the National Legislative Assembly on 7 August 2014.

BANGKOK — Thailand’s national anti-corruption agency has ordered members of the newly-appointed National Legislative Assembly to disclose their financial assets in accordance with laws applied to elected politicians.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NAAC) said today that although existing laws require MPs and Senators to declare their assets to the Commission, the legislation also applies to NLA members because they will be functioning as the government’s legislative branch for the next year.

"They must declare their assets within 30 days since the day they were sworn in,” said NACC sec-gen Sansern Poljiak at a press conference today. "Which means the deadline is 7 September."

Those who fail to file their financial holdings with the NACC will be banned from politics for five years, Mr. Sansern warned. He added that NACC will assist the NLA members in their asset declarations to avoid mistakes or confusion. 


Under the 2014 interim constitution, the NLA is responsible for passing and amending laws until the next general election, which is expected to be held at the end of next year. The members of the assembly were handpicked by Thailand’s military junta, which has reserved supreme power over the the interim government. 

The lawmakers will be also tasked with appointing a new Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

Apart from the NLA, the junta-drafted 2014 charter calls for the formation of a National Reform Council (NRC) and Constitution Drafting Committee, which will be responsible for implementing widespread reforms and writing a new permanent constitution, respectively.

Mr. Sansern said the NACC has not concluded whether members of these two bodies will have to declare their assets as well. 



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