McDonald's Blames Rat on Filthy Hat Yai Neighborhood

A rat cavorts among a toppings bar at a McDonald's in Hat Yai in a video posted March 21. Image: Sukanya P. / YouTube

BANGKOK — McDonald's in Thailand has apologized to customers after a video surfaced online showing a large rat scurrying around a dessert counter at one of its restaurants.

The fast-food giant confirmed in a statement that a rat had rummaged through its restaurant in a shopping mall in the city of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, and blamed the incident on local sewers.

The statement, issued Sunday, said: "We checked security footage and found that the accusation is true. A rat ran into the restaurant."



It said it learned of the incident the day after the video was posted and immediately ordered the restaurant to conduct a thorough cleaning and increase pest control measures.

The statement said the neighborhood is a "breeding area for rats and insects."


It added that McDonald's pays close attention to hygiene and regularly hires pest control services as does the shopping mall, Lee Garden Plaza.

As a result of the video, McDonald's has asked the mall to increase rat control measures around the complex and Hat Yai public health officials to increase inspections of street vendors and the restaurant itself, the statement said.

Story: Associated Press