King Monitored for Irregular Heart Activity

King Bhumibol arrives April 24, 2015, at a Royal Thai Navy auditorium in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — King Bhumibol Adulyadej is being closely monitored for irregular function of his heart muscles, the Royal Household Bureau announced last night.

The monthly palace health update Wednesday said the 88-year-old king also suffers from stomach pain throughout May rendering him unable to eat.The king’s team of personal physicians administered food intravenously.

“The physician team will continue to report on his majesty’s condition to the public monthly,” read the statement.

The longest reigning monarch has rarely appeared in public in recent years and spends most of his time at Siriraj Hospital while his health condition remains a matter of considerable anxiety.


An earlier statement issued by the palace on May 20 said the king was being treated for excessive fluid in his brain, a condition called hydrocephalus, which was the same condition he experienced in August.

According to the latest statement, the king was suffering from knee arthritis in early May but recovered after a few days of treatment.

On May 11, the king had a cough and fever. A doctor delivered antibiotics which helped fight the infection in his respiratory system. The statement said the doctor has now stopped the medication but still continues to provide him with oxygen as well as treat the king for excessive saliva and phlegm.

King Bhumibol last appeared in public Jan. 11 taking a trip from Siriraj Hospital to the royal palace.


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