As Limbo Continues, EC Insists Election Results Out by May 9

Vote counting on March 24, 2019.

BANGKOK — The Election Commission said Thursday results of both party-list and constituency MPs will be unveiled by May 9 as mandated by the constitution.

The commission spoke hours after releasing a statement which said the party-list MP seats can only be calculated after the constituency MPs result is unveiled, sparking fears that the deadline of May 9 may be pushed back.

Speaking at a news conference, commissioner Sawaeng Boonmee said officials are working as fast as they can, and insisted they will respect the time-frame.

“No matter what, the Election Commission must announce the MP results of both systems,” Sawaeng said.


A full month has passed since Thailand voted in a historic poll on March 24, yet the full results have yet to be released by the election organizers. A lack of clarity means it is even unclear which party will emerge as the majority in the lower house.

Pheu Thai spokeswoman Ladawan Wongsriwong urged the commission to be transparent about its works.


“The Election Commission should proceed with transparency. People should be able to scrutinize them,” said Ladawan, whose party claims the largest number of seats won in the poll.

There is also the possibility that the March 24 election might be annulled entirely. The ombudsman’s office said today it’s meeting to discuss a petition filed by a politician to have the poll voided on the grounds of various flaws and irregularities.

The petition was submitted by Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, a member of the now-defunct Thai Raksa Chart Party. If the ombudsman’s office agrees the complaint has merit, the case will be sent to the courts for deliberation.