Maj. Gen. Rienthong Nanna, right, and Mongkutwattana Hospital.

BANGKOK — An military officer who runs a private hospital on Tuesday announced he would only hire employees who share the same pro-establishment views as his, and said job applicants must give up their social media accounts for screening.

In a series of online posts, Maj. Gen. Rienthong Nanna said Mongkutwattana Hospital will not support or have any business dealings with those who insult the monarchy or have ill intention toward the country.

“From today onwards, applicants to Mongkutwattana Hospital must show their personal information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as part of their job application. I will not accept personnel whose ideologies are opposed to mine,” Rienthong wrote.

He said hiring those with different political views was like “allow ungrateful parasites to take host” in his hospital.


Apart from running the family-owned hospital, Rienthong is the founder of an ultraroyalist activist group that publicly identified those suspected of defaming the Royal Family and called for legal prosecution against them.  

His campaign drew criticism from the progressive circles, who accused Rienthong of modern-day witch-hunting. Some supporters of the Redshirts movement and the opposition’s Future Forward Party also threatened to boycott Mongkutwattana Hospital in retaliation to its director’s political activism.

Writing online yesterday, Rienthong challenged his detractors to steer clear of his business.