Royalist Campaign Tells Companies Not to Hire Protesters

Anti-government protest on July 26, 2020.

BANGKOK — A hospital director and activist on Monday urged employers to boycott any job seekers who participated in the ongoing anti-government protests. 

Mongkutwattana Hospital director Rienthong Nanna, who also founded a hardline royalist movement, called his campaign “a project to end the future” of the young demonstrators. More rallies are planned as student-led protests enter the second week. 

“First, volunteers should quietly infiltrate and take the photos of these people who joined the god damned protests. Try to make sure the photos have detailed faces that can be traced their identity. Second, Send it through my Facebook inbox, Rianthong Nanna or email [email protected],” Rienthong wrote.

Rienthong said the list will be sent to government agencies, universities, educational institutes, and private firms for consideration.


In another Facebook post, Rienthong also said anyone who has been prosecuted for posting photos of the protesters can contact him for legal assistance.

“I will help and send you a lawyer,” he wrote.

It is unclear whether his campaign will be met with any legal challenge. Discimination based on political affiliation is banned under Article 27 of the Constitution.


“Unjust discrimination against a person on the grounds of differences in origin, race, language, sex, age, disability, physical or health condition, personal status, economic and social standing, religious belief, education, or political view which is not contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, or on any other grounds shall not be permitted,” the text says. 

Many conservatives and pro-monarchy figures have denounced the protests as an anti-monarchy plot, a sentiment largely fanned by photos of demonstrators holding placards that criticize the monarchy. 

A group of polytechnic students also called for a counter-demonstration on Thursday afternoon at Democracy Monument to “defend the monarchy, the religions and the nation.”