‘Milk Tea Alliance’ to Hold Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy

An artist's depiction of the "Milk Tea Alliance." Image: Twitter.

BANGKOK — An activist group is using social media to mobilize for a protest close to the Chinese Embassy on Thursday – China’s National Day – to condemn alleged human rights abuses under the Communist rule.

Notices calling for the protest were spread under the hashtags “Anti One China” and “Milk Tea Alliance” on Twitter. The latter refers to a symbolic coalition of pro-democracy activists in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to oppose what they perceive to be influence from the Chinese Communist Party in their territories.

“The protest will show that we are opposition to the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party and their human rights abuses,” an announcement sent to the media read. “Especially with One China Policy, erosion of freedoms in Hong Kong, and persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.”


Another online poster advocates features slogans like “Stand With Uyghur,” “Boycott CCP,” “Free Hong Kong,” and “Taiwan is a Country.”

The protest will take place in front of True Tower on Ratchadapisek Road from 5pm to 7pm Thursday. Activities will include giving out free milk tea and candies, a “die-in” stunt, and reading of statements.

Anti-China sentiments have on the rise among liberal and pro-democracy factions in Thailand, who accuse the Chinese authorities of violating human rights in their country, and using their political and economic leverage to interfere with Thai internal affairs.

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand has yet to comment on the planned protest.