Johnnie Walker Celebrates Near-Century-Long Relationship with Thailand at ‘Bangkok Bluemosphere’ (Sponsored)

Johnnie Walker celebrates its near-century-long relationship with Thailand at ‘Bangkok Bluemosphere’ on view from November 22 to 25 at Central Embassy Bangkok, chronicling the brand’s history right to the present.

Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch whisky, invites Thais to celebrate Johnnie Walker’s hallowed history of its presence in Thai life at the exhibition “Bangkok Bluemosphere”. On the opening day of the exhibition, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition will be launched. This latest limited-edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label comes in a magnificent bottle design that goes along well with its unique taste, this new bottle design is created specially for Thailand and Thai people. “Bangkok Bluemosphere” runs from November 22 – 25 at Central Embassy, Bangkok.

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In celebration of its near-century-long ties with Thailand that began in 1924 as well as the brand’s diverse cultural heritage, Johnnie Walker is mounting “Bangkok Bluemosphere” in a big way. The exhibition offers Thais a real trip down memory lane as it retraces the thriving relationship from the past to the present through different points of view as offered by the exhibition’s “time-travel tunnel”. The tunnel uses the magic of virtual reality to create an immersive art experience in which viewers can step into a simulated virtual world that mimics Bangkok in the 1920s. The exhibition aims to tell the story of the brand’s long-standing relationship with the Thai people.


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Furthermore, on this occasion Johnnie Walker Blue Label will launch its new spin-off from the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition series, which celebrates the pioneering spirits and unique cultural heritage of the world’s great cities. The limited edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to be officially launched during the exhibition is ‘Bangkok Edition’. Thanks to Johnnie Walker’s commitment, the launch marks the delivery of yet another premium whisky in luxury design to consumers whose unique lifestyles have transformed the world’s greatest cities into the pioneering centres they are today.


Mr. Alberto Ibeas, Managing Director of Diageo-Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co Ltd says, “This exhibition aims to celebrate Johnnie Walker’s shared history with Thailand. The brand has been part of Thai life for almost a century. During the 4-day exhibition, viewers will bear witness to a bond of friendship between Johnnie Walker and the Thai people that is defined by the rich cultural heritage of both sides.

The exhibition takes a multidimensional approach to illustrating Johnnie Walker’s presence in Thailand. The exhibition includes the launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition that has been produced to present a story of one of the world’s greatest cities like Bangkok. This latest edition combines contemporary art of the past and the present to create an elaborate graphic on the bottle exterior that is designed to celebrate impressive moments.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition in a special design incorporates the delicate spirit of the artist, as befitting Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which is made from some of Scotland’s rarest Scotch whiskies. Only one in every10,000 casks with its exclusive quality, character and flavour has been selected for the blend to deliver the signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This limited edition also comes in a luxurious packaging design that reflects its creator’s whisky crafting spirit. The Blue Label is the ideal, magnificent gift for any whisky enthusiast.

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Besides its signature flavour, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition captures the story of Bangkok’s rich cultural heritage that is worthy of celebrating. The bottle displays an elaborately designed graphic that portrays Bangkok as a vibrant city where tradition and modernity exists side by side. The art depicts a striding elephant, one of Thailand’s familiar cultural icons, amid different architectural designs of buildings and other structures reflecting Bangkok’s lively character. Structures in the background include traditional Thai houses and Thai-style kites that fit well with modernity as represented by high-rise buildings.

The foot label on the bottle’s exterior displays the year 2467 of the Buddhist era in classic Thai lettering in reference to the year of Johnnie Walker’s debut in Thailand and its long-standing relationship with the Thai people up to this day.

Celebrate Johnnie Walker’s much prized history while exploring the aesthetic of taste and art on the packaging of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition at the exhibition “Bangkok Bluemosphere” that runs from November 22 to 25 at Central Embassy.