River City Bangkok Provides Support to Students Through Interactive Exhibit of Chinese Painted Scrolls (Sponsored)

River City Bangkok (RCB), Asia’s largest center of art and culture, has joined hands with patrons to launch a CSR project titled “Every Art Dream, Every Creative Idea” that’s designed to provide support to Thailand’s art students through various art-related initiatives. Groups of art students from local fine arts institutes and secondary schools will see the landmark exhibition of Chinese art titled “Up the River During Qingming” by the National Palace Museum (NPM), Gu Gong.  

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“Up the River During Qingming”, currently on show at River City Bangkok’s second-floor RCB Galleria, offers a participatory, immersive art experience to viewers through digital renderings of much-prized yet fragile Chinese painted scrolls that form part of NPM’s priceless collection of Chinese artifacts, the largest in the world. Thanks to the complimentary tickets provided by patrons, Sosuco and Group (2008) Co., Ltd. and Thaiyang Co., Ltd., all aspiring artists from the participating schools and art institutes will be able to experience the international art show in Bangkok.

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The exhibition opened on October 18, 2018, at RCB Galleria, which was also officially unveiled on this occasion following refurbishment work. On view are digital installations depicting some of China’s most beautiful handscroll paintings representing different Dynasties.

The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the interactive exhibition uses multimedia and the latest in augmented and virtual reality technology for a fully immersive viewing experience.

Ms. Linda Cheng, Managing Director of River City Bangkok, relates that as the living art center of the local community, River City Bangkok has the determination to promote every form of art in an effort to create a true art community.


“We believe that art is not just a painting or merely a work of art, but something that reflects the culture of living life over a period of time. Likewise, River City Bangkok has stood the test of time as an antique and art center of Bangkok that has conveyed the stories of art for Thai people’s greater understanding of art for 33 years. We are supporting all art forms including photography, painting, sculpture and film in a bid to stimulate interest and appreciation in modern art among the new generation, art lovers and art collectors.

The project “Every Art Dream, Every Creative Idea” kicked off recently with a group of students from the Art Learning Center of Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School  taken on a tour of the exhibition “Up the River During Qingming”.

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For the first time in Thailand and Southeast Asia, the exhibition showcases digital versions of priceless Chinese artifacts including classic handscroll paintings that use multimedia technology as the medium. The exhibition offers a participatory, immersive art experience that allows viewers to step into paintings rather than viewing them from afar. This interactive art exhibition provides viewers with a better understanding of life and art in ancient China.