‘Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019’ to be Held at Iconsiam (Sponsored)

BANGKOK —  “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019” under the theme of “The River of Prosperity” will make the New Year Celebration sensational on Monday, December 31, 2018, from 18:00 hrs.

This New Year Celebration is jointly organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and ICONSIAM Co., Ltd. in collaboration with The ICONSIAM Residence Corporation Ltd., The ICONSIALM Superlux Residence Corporation.

In addition, our partners both from the public and private sectors are also actively involved—including Association of Chaopraya Commerce, Harbor Department, Siam Commercial Bank, TRUE Corporation (PLC), Kasikorn Bank, Thai Shipping Association, BANGKOK RIVER PARTNER, and Chaopraya Riverside Communities. The New Year Celebration will take place at the waterfront of River Park ICONSIAM and activities on both banks of the River. This New Year Celebration is a grand undertaking from both the public and private sectors plus riverside communities whose scale is never before seen. It will munificently highlight the Chaopraya River as our NATIONAL ICONIC LANDMARK and ICON OF PROSPERITY.

According to Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), says that “AMAZING THAILAND COUNTDOWN 2019” is a major event that TAT has consistently organized over the years at various destinations throughout the country. The purpose is to promote Thailand as the ultimate destination for Thai and overseas tourists alike. It’s also an effective way to help stimulate the economy and distribute income to people in every region in the country. More importantly, it supplements our effort to make tourism sustainable. This year we’ll organize the event in 5 different regions: Bangkok, NakornPanom, Chiangrai, Rajburi, and Satul.


In Bangkok, TAT and ICONSIAM plus other partners have mapped out a plan to make the upcoming event a grand New Year Celebration by the Chaopraya River on December 31, where the venue will be the River Park, ICONSIAM. This very venue is characterized by diversity comprising, for example, a unique way of life and local culture that would satisfy all tourists alike. Furthermore, local business entrepreneurs and hotels on both sides of the River will take part in this celebration in various forms such as lighting and coloring their premises, and overnight Buddhist praying. Another spectacular event is fireworks along the Chaopraya River for they will brighten the water current and create a favorable image of Thailand as an attractive tourist destination for all people throughout the world.

Tourism is a major income earner for the Thai economy. As such, TAT’s mission is to promote tourism in Thailand and, as a result, engaged in an extensive public relations activities both at home and overseas. It is anticipated that over one million people shall attend the New Year Celebration that will transmit to the world a favorable image of Thailand as a vibrant and dynamic country. Equally important is that substantial spending will keep the money flowing into our economy.

Moreover, Narong Chearavanont, Chairman of The ICONSIAL Superlux Residence Corporation Ltd., adds that “we are proud to have organized the “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019” with TAT and other partners. It is an effective way to present the beautiful image of the Chaopraya River to the world and ICONSIAM as a riverside destination on the Chaopraya River. We are honored to have been selected by TAT to organize the event. We are grateful for the active involvement of our partners who are committed to making the New Year Celebration event grand, impressive, and memorable for all tourists. Here are major highlights of the upcoming “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019.”

A display of fireworks made from Thai sticker rice. These fireworks are an innovation that is eco-friendly. This firework display is based on the concept of “The River of Prosperity.” It demonstrates the history of the Chaopraya River pertaining to our way of life, tradition, and legends of Siam as a country. This 5-minute firework display is composed of 5 Acts.

· Act 1 – “The River of Prosperity” is a firework display in silver, gold, and bronze colors held together consecutively. Based on the beliefs of people, the three elements symbolize prosperity. As such, the first second of the New Year is to make the Chaopraya River bright, beautiful, peaceful and prosperous as it has been over the years.

· Act 2 – “The Siam Treasure” is a firework display of multiple shapes and colors that reflect a close interconnection between our tradition, a way of life and the Chaopraya River. Not only that the River was essential in daily human activities, it was also what people utilized for transportation, a naval route for diplomatic corps coming in to establish diplomatic relations with Siam, a way to transport products and conduct trade since Ayudhya to present, a way to perform religious rites, and an attractive scenes that capture imagination of overseas tourists and generate income for our country.

· Act 3 – “The Blossom of Joy” is a firework display that creates excitement in more ways than one. The display is accompanied by Thai folk songs that reflect our uniqueness as fun-loving, friendly, and smiling people. Any overseas tourist visiting Thailand and attending the event at ICONSIAM will become impressed with, for example, reciprocity of Thai people. Such an impression is enough to start a happy New Year by the Chaopraya River-a bloodline of Thailand.

· Act 4 – “One World” is a firework display that highlights the flags of all countries. It also represents their connectivity through tourism, trade, education, cultural exchange based on equality that will flourish from the start of the New year and in the years to come.

· Act 5 – “Thailand” is a firework display of the tricolors of the Thai flag along the Chaopraya River. The tricolors of red, white and blue collectively represent our national identity as an independent country shielded by our solidarity and unity.

The upcoming display of 5-Act fireworks will take place along the Chaopraya River from 5 different locations. The brightness of the fireworks can be seen within the vicinity of 1,400 meters, which is the longest and grandest display of fireworks ever on the Chaopraya River. The vicinity encompasses Peninsular Hotel, Millennial Hilton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Sathorn Bridge, Chalermprakiat Park, Sathorn Pier, Police Station 2, KlongSarn Pier, Sampeng Parking Lot,CAT-Bangrak Branch, WatSuwan Pier, Siam Commercial Bank and LHONG 1919 It is expected that over one million people will watch this display of fireworks within the 2-km vicinity.


Furthermore, there will be a “Khone” performance at the event in honor of it being recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage. The Khone performance of ‘“Phra Rama Krong Mueng” (Rama returns to Ayodhya) will be a New Year present for Thai people. It will be magnificent owing to the great number of performers, composition, details relating to Thai classical dance, warrior costumes, weapons, the formation of armed forces of King Rama and Tossakan. All of these protocols are truly our cultural treasures that are worth watching.

Leading Thai and overseas artists will be on stage on the New Year eve to keep our local and foreign tourists fully entertained. The venue is the River Park that is capable of housing 4,000 people. Among well-known artists who will be there include Thanasit, Aim Satida, Boat Siriroj, artists from TRUE, Ice and Siphume from THE VOICE, Han The Star, Gail Sophicha, Kangsom The Star, Rith The Star, Gam Wichayanee, KanNapat, Tong Tong, Bright, Chen and Frank from GMM Grammy.

There will be live broadcast on Mcot, PPTV, True4U, TNN, Thai PBS during December 31, 2018