Daikin Launches Thailand’s First All-In-One Daikin Customer Care Center and ‘My Daikin” Mobile App (Sponsored)

Daikin, the leader in air conditioning technology from Japan, gears up to become the number one with 30-million baht Daikin Customer Care Center”, Thailand’s first all-in-one customer service center equipped with smart technology and systems and My Daikin application that caters to all service needs to gain maximized customer’s satisfaction and 15% growth in 2019.

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Dr. Phornthep Phornprapha, Chairman of Siam Daikin Sales, reveals that the establishment of Daikin Customer Care Center was initiated to boost efficiency, swiftness and coverage of Daikin’s customer service as well as set standard of the service to expand to cover all regions of Thailand. The center, with 30 million baht budget, is the result of a major renovation of an existing building in Daikin’s headquarter complex. With 1,300 square meters of utility space, the center will give customer service for customers in Bangkok and metropolitan areas, complete with Business Development department, Quality Assurance section, Repair Service for both residential and commercial air conditioners, Maintenance Contract Sales service for all air conditioner types and distribution of genuine Daikin spare parts



Daikin Customer Care Center is cleverly designed with Daikin Remote Monitoring System (DRMS) room to accommodate consumers using VRV air conditioners, which is the newest consumer segment of Daikin. The system helps boost energy efficiency and immediately alerts DRMS of any faulty functions, allowing for swift detection, evaluation and maintenance.

Other zones include Customer Consult Corner, Knowledge Corner, Service Network Corner, Customer Care Corner and others. The center is capable of handling consumers using all types and models of Daikin air conditioners. The after-sales service covers Bangkok and metropolitan areas, with expansion plan to take some of the features to other service centers

upcountry. So far, Daikin has 8 service centers in major cities (Phuket, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Korat, Rayong and Nonthaburi) and industrial parks (Amata Nakorn Chonburi and Navanakorn Pathumthani)

Daikin also introduced mobile service in Surat Thani and Songkhla to cover more service ground in different parts of Thailand and ensure maximized customer’s satisfaction.

As for the marketing strategies, Mr. Akihisa Yokoyama, President of Siam Daikin Sales, states that, “Daikin aspired to become the market leader in all-in-one service with maximized customer satisfaction as priority. Therefore, we are constantly on the quest of better services. In the future, Daikin will emphasize on solution business enhanced by new technologies to cater to modern trends such as Green Building, Smart Home Automation and become the “Absolute No. 1

“Following our product launches to meet the needs of our diverse target groups including residential and commercial segments, in the fiscal year of 2018 that ends in March 2019 we expect sales to increase by 15 percent to Bt12 billion.  As a result, Daikin has been able to maintain its market leadership in Thailand’s air condition market in which we relentlessly remain number one with a 26 percent  market share.”


“The past year saw consumers shifting towards inverter air conditioner, from 44% in 2017 to 60% this year. The increase is partly a result from the newly launched of Daikin’s Sabai Inverter that comes equipped with 440V power-surge resilient Super PCB Pro Technology that appeals to consumers. In 2019, Daikin will develop a new condenser coil that repels lizards and small animals from causing damages to the circuits. Daikin is strengthening its position as the leader of inverter air conditioner with inverter R32 that is certified level 5 energy saving label with more stars. In the near future Daikin will launch more inverter product line to cater to consumers’ diverse needs and introduce inverter air conditioners to the upcountry market at affordable prices. The new lines of air conditioners will target residential users, consultant designers and developers with attractive features such as mold proof function that gets rid of fungus and odor, the newly designed grill Coanda Design that sends the cooling air to as far as

9 meters, humidity censor and 0.5 Celsius degree temperature adjustment to maximize precisions. These new features aim to solve 4 prominent problems, namely odor, uneven cooling, slow cooling and discomfort, and it is assured that the consumers’ need will be satisfied. Daikin also strives to become the leader in inverter market with 29% market share in the fiercely competitive air conditioner market in 2019,” Mr. Yokoyama says.

More air conditioner manufacturers started to incorporate inverter system in their products, prompting inverter air conditioner market value to increase from 60% in 2018 to 65% in 2019, with Daikin maintaining the leader in the market. The constant increase of sales indicates that residential and commercial air conditioner market in Thailand is growing annually. The overall market value is expected to grow by 6% (50,000 million baht) from 2018 (47,300 million baht with Daikin taking 28% market share in 2019, making Daikin the leader in both residential and commercial air conditioner. Despite Thailand’s investment sector shows sign of decline, industrial sector and real estate development are growing exponentially especially townhouses and single houses.

2019 will see Daikin equips dealers with strength and know-how. Daikin is planning to support its dealers to become more professionally capable of handling the company’s consumers, to generate positive association to the products and the service. So far, many dealers have applied to become Authorized Service Dealers who will receive training through Chang Air DD campaign. The training will equip them with products knowledge, technical skills as well as service manners to ensure high, standardized services and convenient access to Daikin’s service. Appointments of Authorized Service Dealers are also announced publicly to prompt consumers of available services from Daikin’s trusted dealers. Daikin is also keen to introduce promotions and activities to boost sales for dealers throughout the year.