Diageo Moet Hennessy to Take Cocktail Lovers to Phuket’s Culture, Nightlife (Sponsored)

Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., invites all cocktail lovers to explore Phuket’s vibrant cocktail culture and nightlife in “Diageo Reserve World Class Phuket Bar Hopping”. The bar-hopping tour is aimed at offering participants a taste of Phuket’s alluring cocktail culture through 5 leading outstanding Phuket bars known for their own distinct identities. They will get to taste the specially designed signature cocktails that capture the quintessence of the “Pearl of Andaman”.


Phuket, one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, attracts millions of visitors annually.  Apart from its multitude of attractions, Phuket is known for its cuisine as well as its cocktail culture that’s full of charm and character.

Amid the plethora of restaurants, Phuket boasts top-quality bars whose bartenders have a real knack for concocting some of the world’s best cocktails. Phuket is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, and its cocktail scene is so vibrant and distinctive with drinks using local ingredients and a particular mixology technique. Phuket bartenders are known for their prowess in mixing up great tasting drinks. No surprise then that this tropical paradise continues to attract visitors from all around the world.



Given the potential of Phuket’s cocktail culture for further growth, Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leading importer and distributor of top-quality alcoholic beverages including whiskies and spirits in Thailand, is organizing “Diageo Reserve World Class Phuket Bar Hopping” to introduce a selection of Phuket’s outstanding and unique bars to tourists and cocktail lovers alike and promote the holiday resort as a new destination for tourists from all over the world.

Pornseak Parksuwan, Diageo Reserve Channel Director of Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., says, “Over the past several years, the bartending profession in Thailand has secured an elevated status. Bartenders in Phuket have taken part in national competitions, and the bartending scene has grown into a professional circle with lots of bartending professionals and ranging training activities. As a result, Phuket’s cocktail culture has been growing by leaps and bound so much so that Phuket is now a full-fledged cocktail culture with its own unique bars, talented bartenders, quality drinks and incredible flavors. The bar-hopping tour seeks to proclaim Phuket to be a destination for new cocktail perspectives that are worthy of exploring and savoring. Its bar scene is full of charm as befitting this island paradise. In the future when more consumers stream through Phuket to absorb Phuket’s cocktail culture, its bar scene will become more competitive and Phuket’s society of professional bartenders stronger. The development of the potential of Phuket’s cocktail culture will carry on continuously and sustainably. Consequently Phuket will become a destination that appeals to drinkers from all over the world.”


“Diageo Reserve World Class Phuket Bar Hopping” will be held from September 14-15. The tour will take in 5 Phuket bars: Dibuka, DibukHouse, TuKabKhao, Joe’s Downstairs and Catch Beach Club. Each place is unique and interesting in its own way and designed to satisfy diverse lifestyle needs and cater to different tastes. The highlight is that one of Phuket’s top World-Class bartenders will make an appearance at each participating bar to concoct a special-recipe cocktail that captures to the quintessence of Phuket and the character of each bar.

The first destination on the bar-hopping tour is Dibuka, a restaurant that serves local delicacies in a fusion style using the restaurant’s own recipes. On the menu are Thai and Italian cuisines. The atmosphere is airy with the decorations mimicking a tin mine in the past. The restaurant serves both classic and signature cocktails.

DibukHouse is a bar that many cocktail lovers fall in love and is dear to their hearts. The bar owes much of its character to its drinks created in the style of craft cocktails by bartenders renowned for their scrupulous attention to detail. Its regular cocktails feel much more special than those found elsewhere. What brings great excitement to customers are the country’s celebrated bartenders who take turns to make appearances at the bar to create incredible cocktails every now and then.

Tu Kab Khao is a restaurant that serves local specialties and shines with Sino-Portuguese architecture. The menu celebrates original Phuket recipes that tend toward strong pungent tastes that define authentic southern-style food.  It boasts a wide and varied repertoire of cocktails including the signature “Cocktail Tu Kab Khao” that conveys the restaurant’s sense of identity quite well.


Joe’s Downstairs is one of Phuket’s notable seaside restaurants known for its “Sunset Cocktails”. Cocktail lovers will enjoy sipping from their glasses while savouring the magnificent sunset view. The atmosphere is airy and relaxed thanks to the restaurant’s all-white decor. Its terrace bar is one of Phuket’s most impressive.


Catch Beach Club is a premium establishment on Bang Thao Beach and a favorite hangout for those who enjoy partying. It houses a restaurant, lounge and quality bar under one roof. It serves great tasting food and incredible cocktails carefully concocted for everyone’s enjoyment. Catch Beach Club is teeming with tourists at night. But its relaxed atmosphere attracts quite a few cocktail lovers during daytime as well.

Diageo is hoping that these unique Phuket-style cocktails – to be created by leading WORLD CLASS bartenders at the leading bars participating in “Diageo Reserve World Class Phuket Bar Hopping” – will enable tourists to love Phuket’s awe-inspiring cocktail culture and regard this beautiful island as a special destination that cocktail lovers the world over must visit once in their lifetime.