River City Bangkok Offers Special Discount at Exhibition by Taiwan’s National Palace Museum (Sponsored)

The exhibition was launched on October 18 last year to critical acclaim and was received with phenomenal feedback from both local and international audience. Highlights include digital presentations of ancient paintings of fabric from royal households of various dynasties, becoming the first interactive exhibition in Southeast Asia that incorporates multimedia and virtual reality techniques to fully engage the viewers.

The exhibition includes “Up the River During Qingming” in multimedia format, VR-enhanced “Roaming through Fantasy Land”, “Marvels in the Sea” that implements Interactive Multimedia technique, “Giuseppe Castiglione” that is presented with Augmented Reality, the Interactive Multimedia “Summer Lotus” and others.

Kids and families are treated with various thrilling activities such as “A Hundred Horses Co-Creative Installation” where hand-drawn horses are immediately made digitally alive to run freely in the augmented landscape in the backdrop, screening of animation film about the NPM Guardians led by Monkey King from Vietnam, porcelain pigs from the Han Dynasty and Madam Tang from the Tang Dynasty that join force in a special space mission.

“Up the River During Qingming” is on view at RCB Galleria, Level 2 of River City Bangkok. Don a quipao or a traditional Chinese outfit to get special discounts on admission: 290 baht for adults (from 350 baht) and 170 baht for children and students (from 200 baht), from January 28-February 12, 2019. Entry tickets are available from www.thaiticketmajor.com. For more information, contact River City Bangkok at (+66) 2 237 0077-8 and website http://bit.ly/2yKFThC.