CP Foods Gives Recognition to Responsible Suppliers

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) held the first-ever “Supplier Sustainability Award” ceremony, praising the suppliers for their responsible operations that help both parties to achieve sustainable growth together.

The award ceremony was held as a part of “CPF Capacity Building for Partnership Conference 2019”. It was participated by over 200 suppliers and honorable guests from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. The company gave the awards to suppliers that make outstanding contributions to the company’s responsible value chain, reinforcing its commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Mr. Pisit Ohmpornnuwat, Chairman of Sustainable Supply Chain Committee of CP Foods, said the company has been working with partners to develop its value chain in line with CP Foods’ the Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Supplier Guiding Principle as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The scope of cooperation covers 4 main areas, including product and services’ traceability, fair treatment of employees and human rights, environmental-friendly process, and verifiability performance and risk management.


Last year, CP Foods encourage its suppliers to apply the company’s Online Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment to ensure that they are stringently comply with law and international trade regulations. The company also provides training programmes for business partners to help develop their practices.

“Supplier Sustainability Awards were given as a recognition to our partners with strict responsible sourcing compliance as well as sharing their expertise with other partners.” Mr. Pisit said. “The partnership will drive the company, our suppliers and the whole food industry toward sustainable level.”

These winning suppliers have delivered key raw materials from responsible sources to CP Foods, such as legal and traceable corns, and IFFO RS certified fishmeal. They also adopt high labor practices in accordance to international human rights and labour standard. It will ensure both suppliers and CP Foods achieve traceability throughout supply chains.


Mr. Manoch Seangkaew, Inspector-General for the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, who was an honorable guest and keynote speaker on “Labour force and sustainable supply chain” at the event, commented that food producers must places significant emphasis on transparency and sustainability of supply chain, especially on human rights and fair labour practices, to meet international trade regulations.

To boost global competitiveness, the ministry also has policy to work together with private sector to upgrade the standard of their value chain through supplier development.

“The public-private cooperation will benefit everyone in the supply chain as well as our society. Moreover, this sustainable value chain can enhance Thai food industry’s competitiveness at world stage as well.” He said