Always Sakura Tea from TWG Tea

Always Sakura Tea from TWG Tea: A symbol of hope and new beginning.

The Goddess of Flowers hovers low in the warm Spring sky, awakening the Sakura trees to life with her divine touch. TWG Tea heralds the birth of hope and new beginning and celebrates the timeless beauty of cherry blossoms with Always Sakura Tea, one of the most illustrious and anticipated additions to Spring 2019 Haute Couture Tea Collection®.


Always Sakura Tea is a marvellous green tea blend with wild Rainier cherry and sweet blossoms that yields a fresh and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of sweet floral. Always Sakura Tea is preciously encased in a limited-edition tin adorned with warm hues of gold and caramel.

Herald the arrival of the first buds of Spring with Always Sakura Tea, available at TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques for a limited time and retails at 1,360 baht. For more information, please contact 0-2259-9510.