Benja Chicken a Finalist of “Top Innovative Product” in Thaifex 2019

(May 28, 2019) — Benja Chicken has been named as a finalist of “Top Innovative Product” making the first time of fresh product to be selected in the finalists as one of an innovative food in THAIFEX Taste Innovation Show 2019.

Mr. Prasit Boonduangprasert, Chief Operating Officer – International Trade and Business Development at CP Foods, said Benja Chicken is a food for future. It is the first raw chicken product in the world to raise with brown rice, which is an innovation of the company’s feed development, resulted tastier and healthier meat.

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During THAIFEX 2019, the region’s largest food and beverage trade show, Benja Chicken is the first raw food product to be chosen in the finalists of “THAIFEX Taste Innovation Show”, handpicked from over 700 entries across the world.


“The achievement of Benja Chicken in THAIFEX reflects the innovativeness of Thai food producers in developing products to catch up the latest food trend.” he said.

Benja Chicken has come under U Farm Brand developed for those looking for organic chicken meat. It offers safe and naturally delicious poultry that can be traced back throughout the supply chain.

The chickens are raised in cage-free and fed according to the needs of nutrition as appropriate to their life phase with clean drinking water from a special filtered system and regular health checks.

Benja Chicken received nutritious food from brown rice, a “superfood” rich in nutrients. This results in the chicken meat that has a texture and taste which differs from widely available chicken meat. The chicken meat is juicier than other chicken meat by 55% with tender and aromatic compound.


Benja Chickens have been raised under animal welfare practices without antibiotic use throughout their entire lifespan, making them healthy and strong. It was also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for being 100% raised without antibiotics and no hormones added.

So far, the premium quality Benja Chicken is selected by top chefs across the world for making perfect dishes.

Benja Chicken is now available at The Mall, Tops Market, Central Food Hall, Foodland, Villa market, Rimping, Donki mall and other leading supermarkets nationwide. Moreover, it will be showcased at THAIFEX 2019, Booth No. R01, R15, Q01 and Q1 05 of Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani from 28 May to 1 June 2019.