Cheer for the Thai Bartender in the Global Competition: Diageo Reserve World Class Global 2019 in Glasgow Scotland

The search for Thailand’s best bartender is over. After the DIAGEO Reserve World Class Thailand 2019, held by Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand), concluded with the winner earlier in June. Kitibordee Chortubtim, the champion from Thailand, is all geared up to compete with top bartenders from 55 countries from around the world in World Class Glasgow 2019 between September 21-27 in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The prestigious competition for winning bartenders from all corners of the world is drawing near as Diageo Reserve World Class Thailand 2019 is slated to take place in search of the world’s finest. Contestants from 55 countries around the world include Kitibordee Chortubtim, winner of DIAGEO Reserve World Class Thailand 2019, who will participate in the 7-day thrilling and fun between September 21-27, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland, with more than 700 expected guests who are treated not only to the thrill of the challenges but also inspiring experiences unique to this competition. 


Mr. Alexander Carroll, Reserve Director of Diageo Moet Hennessy Thailand, enthuses that, “DIAGEO Reserve World Class is the world’s best bartender competition by Diageo to search for the best bartender with the strongest spirit in creating exceptional and unique drinking experience as well as the eagerness to promote discerning drinking culture to wider audience. Contestants are to draw inspirations from spirits in Diageo’s portfolio to create unique and attractive cocktails. Fans and cocktail aficionados all over the world are waiting to witness the creation of signature cocktails in each challenge of the competition. We would like to encourage drinkers in Thailand to cheer for our winner, Kitibordee Chortubtim, that will represent Thailand in the competition. And let’s hope that he will win over the judges with his talents and bring home the winning title.” 

DIAGEO Reserve World Class Global 2019 is a platform that top bartenders from each participating county showcase their crafts and skills in cocktail making that is filled with spirit of various brands by Diageo. The competition is divided into five challenges. The first challenge, contestants are required to create drinks with Ketel One vodka and the second challenge is all about Talisker single malt whisky. The third challenge is when The Singleton single malt whisky is transformed into creative drinks and for the fourth challenge, Tangueray No. TEN gin will become the highlight. Lastly, the fifth challenge is when Johnnie Walker Black Label is to be made into exceptional, inspiring drinks. The panel, which comprises judges are renowned and respected figures in the global cocktail and drink industry, will then decide who to be crowned the world’s best bartender of the year. Before the competition starts, the 55 participating mixologists will also have the chance to develop and enhance their skills in World Class style and learn from brand ambassadors of various brands in Diageo Reserve’s portfolio. 


Fans and cocktails lovers can watch the competitions, cheer for their favorite bartenders, observe various inspiring activities throughout the contest that includes seminar on the world’s cocktail trend, future direction for beverage industry, watch each challenge and cheer for the winner in the award ceremony and watch the winner’s interview with the rest of the world through live broadcast via /WorldclassThailand between September 21-27, 2019. Who’s going to be the winner of World Class Glasgow 2019 and become best bartender of the year? Let’s find out together.