Hire a Recruitment Company in Thailand for Your Next Job

In 2020, the world’s countries and global economies were ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite some countries’ best efforts, the pandemic currently rages on and is toppling industries left and right. For the better part of 2020, Thailand remained largely isolated from COVID-19, boasting some of the lowest infection rates in the world. As a result, many skilled workers sought to leave their home countries and move to Thailand to live a safer life and turned to recruitment companies in Thailand to help them navigate the job market.

For skilled workers, finding employment in Thailand is not as difficult as it would be in more developed countries. As Thailand looks to leverage its status as a regional hub for ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations), companies are encouraged to bring in skilled workers to grow the local economy. That said, there are still some challenges that make finding a job a more laborious process.

If you are a skilled worker looking for a change of scenery or looking to advance your career in a developing market that is hungry for quality workers, a recruitment company in Thailand can help you find a suitable job in your desired industry.

Challenges to Finding a Job in Thailand

Recruitment companies in Thailand know that many companies do a poor job of advertising that they have a job opening. There are a few main websites that companies will use to advertise an open position, chiefly LinkedIn, JobsDB, and Glassdoor. Navigating these sites can be simple, however, many companies do not provide enough information about their position in the job postings. This can be worrisome for foreigners, as it would appear to them that the jobs available are by unprofessional companies; in reality, the errors stem from professional companies not understanding the platform.


Additionally, many companies will elect to post an available job only on one website or platform, instead of multiple platforms. Without proper knowledge of which websites in Thailand to look through, foreign employees will be left in the dark about work opportunities.

How Recruiters Can Help


Because foreigners have such a difficult time finding available jobs across the many public platforms, recruitment companies in Thailand have created dedicated positions to remedy this situation. When contacting a recruiting firm, you’ll be able to explain to them your desired industry and your skills and they will help scour the market for you. The jobs are out there, and a recruiter will find them for you.

One challenge that a Thai recruiting company can certainly help you overcome is the language barrier. As mentioned before, sometimes companies do not provide enough information in their postings or choose to only write them in Thai. From a foreigner’s perspective, this would imply that the job is only for Thai nationals when in reality it is open for anyone. A recruiter has the means to contact the company and speak to their hiring manager to inquire further about the position in the Thai language where the foreigner could not.

It is important to understand that because Thailand is still developing, some of the systems or language proficiency used in hiring you may be used to in your home country do not yet exist. Recruitment companies in Thailand help to bridge that gap.