10 Ways To Increase Your Online Revenues

Sales and revenues are the basis of profitability for any online business, as well as the SEO results and rankings on the internet. One company’s long-term sustainability depends greatly on the numbers of its sales. All different kinds of functionalities like resource hiring, product development, logistic planning, etc. depend on one single entity. And that is what creates the sales. Without sales, there are no revenues and no growth for any online business. Many companies decide to follow and practice different strategies to increase their online revenues.

For those who want to grow their online business, the sales and the revenues are related, and knowing how to best coordinate them is crucial from the aspect of optimizing your online revenues. There are many different factors on which the sales depend, and eventually the revenue too. The current economy, market trends, competitor strategy, substitute products or services, and other important factors can affect the sales. Whichever the reason is for your desire to boost the sales and revenues, you need to focus on a different set of strategies and keep them flexible so that they can be changed according to the change of market needs and demands. Although many of the strategies can be implemented alone, better results will be achieved when various strategies will be applied together.

If you are following the trend of modern social marketing, you must know that getting noticed on the virtual sky is the secret and the only way in growing your business and increasing your online sales. Without a virtual presence, the chances of increasing your online sales are very low. That is why hiring professionals who specialize in this area is the best thing that you can do for your business and revenues. A good SEO Digital Marketing Agency is the partner you need in your business endeavor.

To help all those of you who are willing to increase your online revenues in the best possible way, including all the best strategies, we at Inspira as a digital agency offer you the best possible services so that you can achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently.


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As the best SEO agency, here are our top 10 ways/suggestions on how to increase your online revenues:

1. AdSense

This is the most obvious and easy way to convert the visitors into money in a quick way. Depending on the type of your online business and visitors, your monthly revenue will significantly different and bigger. The practice is that if you receive good money for your current visitors, google might invade that particular niche you are in and make sure that they convert those customers directly and not through your website. Google tries to pull up the big user-generated websites on top of the search. That is why your website and online business should not only and solely rely on that and you should not be dependable only on Google. Setting an AdSense account is an easy and straightforward job and a safe option for your online business presence.

2. Leads

Leads are the people who have shown an active interest in the products or services that you offer through your online business. Unlike the typical website visitor, the leads give their name, contact information, and permission to send them additional information. They are the first big step in the online sales funnel. Their number can be counted by email subscribers, registered users, contact form submissions, quote requests, or all of the combinations above.

3. Direct advertising on your website

Depending on the type of website that you are running, you might be able to sell advertising space on it. There is a large variety of options here: it can be a sponsored profile page, expanded profile with more features, or sponsored result in the website’s search results. That is the best way to deal with the end-companies who like to advertise them, without using a middleman. The money you will get for advertising is another way to boost your online revenues.

4. Advertise connected but different niche businesses

This is a nice way to earn more money. Find different but business-related companies that will advertise on your website. Depending on the niche, this might be a win-win situation for both sides. For example, if you offer beauty tips, find a company that specializes in these services, which will advertise on your website. That is a nice way of connecting you and the different businesses for increased revenues.

5. Cross-Sell

If your online business offers multiples product lines or service lines, let your customers know the variety of your offer by including a full spectrum. You should always ascertain their challenges and problems by offering different solutions from your line –this is the best way of cross-selling. By offering one thing, you can easily connect some other products or services to that one. Carefully linking the services and the products you offer is a great way to sell more and earn more.

6. Have a special event

Holding a special event, like a sale or something like a promotional night with special prices is a great way to increase your revenues. At this point, you can expect growth in purchasing, maximize your cash flow and inspire them to buy more. You can introduce this special event, every year on the same date, that can start with a secret sale, or pre-sale, with a closed group of your registered users, and then open for all those who will enter your website. It is a good marketing move to both advertise your business and increase online revenues.

7. Offer complementary products or services

Offering complimentary services or products is an excellent way to show appreciation for your users/customers/visitors. It can be something small, without big value, but just a token of appreciation that will go well with the services/products you sell. It will not decrease your revenues, on the contrary, it will only get you more visitors and more revenues.

8. Communicate frequently

Communication with your customers is much appreciated. That can be done via mail, phone, email, newsletters, etc. this way, your customers and registered users will feel important and cared for, and will know that you are doing your thing, rather than just existing out there, which will constantly remind them to come back and purchase more.

9. Promote others

For the growth of your business and your revenues, it is important to endorse and promote others. This is a popular and well-used way in modern marketing. This can go a long way, especially if the ones that you endorse, return the favor. Depending on the type of business that you do, collaborate with similar companies and get a deal that will benefit both parties. That will increase your online presence, might gain you more followers and customers, and eventually grow your online revenues.

10. Learn to say No to bad customers

Bad opportunities are bad for the business, which means that you will have to learn how to detect the bad customers and those that will not bring prosperity to your business. Your attention should be devoted to the best opportunities and customers and not to the unprofitable, disagreeable ones.


With time, you will get a grip on those who are there only to ask questions, bother you and not buy anything. Wasting the time persuading them to buy your services or products is contra-productive for your tie and your business. Those types of customers will always exist, so if your first feeling is not positive, try not to engage.

These are 10 useful ways to increase your online revenues. However, working with us at Inspira, one of the leading digital marketing and SEO agency, will save you time as well as add to the efficiency of the strategies implemented. We know and understand how hard it is to optimize your company to become noticed, recognized, and visible to the potential customers, and to stand out in the huge area of so many different and similar businesses like yours.

Don’t waste your time – leave the work to the professional and enjoy the results. Inspira is your one and only go-to digital and SEO marketing agency that will promote and rank your business in the best possible way.