Samitivej Launches a Campaign to Help People Overcome the Challenges of the COVID-19 Economy and Create Value in All Aspects of Healthcare

On March 9, 2021, Samitivej Hospital launched a campaign to target and solve pain points for patients who wish to avoid hospital visits, are worried about illnesses, or have concerns about high medical expenses. In addressing these issues, we offer patients the option of online doctor consultations, and we provide people with excellent healthcare via preventive health check-up programs, artificial intelligence technology for the detection of diseases before they occur, cost reduction management through our expense management dashboard system and smart equipment pooling system, and added value through vouchers for cash with values of up to 25%, in line with Samitivej’s ongoing goal of keeping people healthy and preventing illness.

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D., Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej and BNH Hospitals, stated: “At present, many people throughout the country are experiencing a wide variety of economic, physical health, and mental health problems. At Samitivej, we aim to be a segment of society that is part of the solution for people. There are many pain points that need to be targeted and resolved—there are those who avoid hospital visits due to fear of contracting disease; there are those who are worried about illnesses in general, knowing that if they get sick they will suffer not only physically, but mentally as well; and there is the issue of healthcare expenses, where maintaining one’s health becomes a significant cost of living. Samitivej, therefore, continues to hold true to its vision of ‘we want people to stay healthy, and not fall ill’ by launching a campaign to meet these needs and to create value in every dimension of healthcare.

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“We started our online doctor visitation services as an alternative for patients even before COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic we saw a huge increase in the number of users of the service. In addition, self-care has become increasingly important to people, and Samitivej met this need with Engage Care, a technology designed to help patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure to better care for themselves while at home. From the time they awake in the morning, patients can easily measure their own sugar levels. If these levels are outside the target range, the system will send an alert to the hospital so that a doctor can immediately follow-up and provide treatment. We also provide services that connect the hospital’s healthcare to patients’ homes, such as through TytoCare devices that can be used to measure temperature and heart rate, listen to lung functions, etc., allowing doctors to provide accurate diagnoses and consultation online with greater confidence. We offer at-home vaccination and drug delivery services as well.”


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The campaign creates value in all areas of healthcare, as detailed below:

For patients who wish to avoid hospital visits because they are afraid of contracting disease, we offer technology designed to save lives as follows:

  • Samitivej Virtual Hospital: Online doctor consultation 24/7, alongside TytoCare, an examination kit that can be used for lung examination, capture images inside the ear, examine the back of the throat, capture images of the skin, measure body temperature, and listen to and record heart rate.
  • Engage Care: An application to monitor and track health indicators for patients with diabetes or high blood pressure and connect them with a team of medical professionals providing services 24 hours a day.
  • Samitivej PACE: Technology enabling families to monitor the status of each stage of a patient’s surgery via smartphone.
  • Samitivej Prompt: A system providing access to inpatient treatment plans and for monitoring status during treatment.

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For those who wish to prevent illness, Samitivej emphasizes its Early Detection Technology to save lives, as follows:

  • TrueEye® artificial intelligence technology which uses retinal images to predict risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This deep tech project is supported by the Chulalongkorn University Technology Center (UTC).
  • Total Health Solutions, with a focus on preventive screening to prevent the occurrence of disease in specific age groups.
  • Gene Testing with deep sequencing, in order to identify future disease risks.
  • Vaccine Club, a vaccination care program for all age

Innovation to facilitate greater convenience, create value and save costs, as follows:

  • Payment Dashboard, a system to track and manage expenses within insurance limits.
  • Smart Equipment Pooling System for better management of medical equipment and the reduction of patient costs.
  • Vouchers for cash with values of up to 25% to apply toward hospital services.

–  Pay 5,000 THB and receive privileges valued up to 5,750 THB

–  Pay 10,000 THB and receive privileges valued up to 12,000 THB

–  Pay 30,000 THB and receive privileges valued up to 37,500 THB

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Participating Hospitals: Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, Samitivej Children’s Hospital, Japanese Hospital by Samitivej, Samitivej Thonburi Hospital, Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, Samitivej Sriracha Hospital, and Samitivej Chonburi Hospital.

Available through June 30, 2021. Call 02-022-2222 or email [email protected] for more information.


About Samitivej Hospitals

Samitivej Hospitals started operation on June 4, 1979. Our hospitals are among the 43 members of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited, which operates leading hospitals in Thailand and South East Asia. We offer healthcare services certified to meet both local standards and standards set forth by Joint Commission International (JCI) from America. There are currently eight member hospitals—Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Samitivej Japanese Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, Samitivej Children’s Hospital, Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, Samitivej Thonburi Hospital, Samitivej Sriracha Hospital, and Samitivej Chonburi Hospital.

For more information, please contact Sasikan Lertsittichai, Brand Communication Manager at [email protected] or Tel 020-222-443.