Japan IT Solutions Marketplace Launches Online Webinar, ‘JRIT ICHI Cyber Market Station’, Aiming To Drive Digital Transformation and Fuel the Growth of the Digital Economy

Meet the industry experts across leading organizations who shared their hands-on experiences

During the recent online webinar, many experts shared their knowledge and experiences towards how digital transformation has become the core of business strategy and how to adopt the latest technologies to transform services or businesses in the fast-moving digital era.

Dr. Manoo Ordeedolchest, Advisor to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society said, the digital economy is the new economic policy that increases the efficiency of business operations and lays a foundation on the new structure of market competition which helps businesses thrive. Thailand has officially announced ‘Digital Thailand’ as one of the roadmaps to achieve ‘Thailand 4.0’ national policy. To eventually escape from the country’s middle-income trap, the initiative is designed to promote a value-based economy where technology, creativity, and innovation move forward the infrastructure development and create several significant skills including learning and innovation, data utilization, human resources, etc.

“Digital Thailand” has also provided opportunities for start-ups, SMEs, eCommerce platforms, and logistics operators to continue to surge. Thanks to digital technology, it transforms how consumers obtain services whether it is social media, food delivery, or online shopping. Traditional companies will face new challenges through the growing interconnection of people and two-way communication on social media like Facebook, Line, Twitter where consumers can exchange information and discover influencers who affect their purchasing decisions.


Sticking in traditional boundaries, they will not be able to compete with young digital-led companies. Instead, businesses need to implement the value creation strategy improving product offerings and defining new market opportunities. Completely turn the business into digital is unlikely to be successful unless there is an ambitious vision and also requires a well-structured achievable plan and cross-functional collaboration.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanachart Numnonda, Executive Director at IMC Institute also said, the world as we know it is changing rapidly where smart devices with ‘IoT’ technologies deliver the most convenient customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects and exchanges data with other devices over the internet which can make use in different areas i.e. Smart Health, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture. IoT solutions also enable businesses to access aggregate data, collect them in cloud storage, analyze data at a big or small scale on a real-time basis as well as control the privacy settings. ‘Big data’ collected through connected devices can transform businesses using AI technology to understand consumer insights and improve business operations.

From the profound impact of the digital disruption to the new supply chain, Thai traditional economy has been in a decline stage and faced new challenges as any service providers can get direct access to their consumers without any middle-man. Digital transformation is an opportunity for businesses to survive. Digitizing the whole organization includes revolutionizing the current processes and shaping new culture which leads to a new transformed business model to gain competitive advantage. Digital transformation also helps streamlined operation, cost reduction, and increase productivity when it comes to new products and services launch. It also allows companies to better serve customer satisfaction, ultimately increase sales conversion and profitable revenue.


The panel discussion, “Success story of Digital Transformation in Thailand”, was also joined by experts to share their experiences and moderated by Mr. Vichai Varathaneewong, FM96.5 MHz, which is in line with ‘JRIT ICHI CYBER MARKET STATION’ event objective to leverage the technology adoption to enhance a digital workplace.

Entrepreneurs or those who are interested can register to join ‘JRIT ICHI CYBER MARKET STATION’ virtual event for free through the main website (https://bit.ly/2P8aPDM). Once registered, confirmation and access code to the online webinar will be sent to your registered email. For more information, please contact 02-168-7838.