Sort Your Data With an Image Labeling Tool

For anyone who has to deal with a database of hundreds of thousands of images, you know the problems that storing images effectively can cause. Maybe you’ve hoped someone could invent some magical image labeling tool that would save you from hours spent sifting through photos to find the perfect one to serve your purposes.

With the ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the technology is now being harnessed for the organization of data that isn’t text-based, and images are the natural application for these advancements.

With the help of AI, images can be sorted automatically into categories that can be further and further refined, making the image labeling tool a reality.

Realities of Image Labeling

For magazine editors, photographers, artists, online image bank managers and graphic designers, the issue of how to best organize images so you can find a specific picture has long been one of spending countless hours manually sorting them into categories. But once you had all your pictures sorted into categories, you still had to spend time sifting through a category to find an image that had all the elements you were looking for.

The reality of image sorting was that pictures could contain a million different elements and still be within the same basic category. Let’s suppose you were laying an ad out for a company that asks for an image of a boy and his dog. The category is fairly broad, so you might have a thousand pictures or more that fit the requirement. But then the client adds a requirement that the boy has to be holding a balloon, and they have to be on a sunny beach.

You might have images that have these elements as well. Still, you’ll have to manually sort through a category that contains a thousand or more images because your database hasn’t been refined enough to search for those specific elements. You need an AI-based image labeling tool to quickly find the perfect picture for the client’s requirements.

Benefits of AI

With an AI-based image labeling tool, you get all the benefits of AI’s basic concept of constant machine learning. Once the tool has successfully found a specific image, it adds that information into its knowledge. It constantly updates itself and ‘learns’ how to tell the difference between millions of different elements.

The AI-based image labeling tool goes beyond saving you time in looking for images. It also relieves you of the need to sort your images into categories as well. It creates multiple categories built around specific keywords that you use to find the perfect picture for your uses.

Data Wow is a startup in Bangkok, Thailand, that has created an AI-based image database platform called Accurately. The Accurately platform contains a remarkable image labeling tool that puts the power of AI to work.

If you need to manage a never-ending number of images and call them up at a moment’s notice, contact Data Wow for a demonstration of the Accurately platform and see how easier your job could become.