Discover The Benefits of a Digital Water Purifier Machine

The internet has changed life for the better. Ideas and technology are quickly shared, and household items have been improved because of the internet. But one of the household items you might be surprised to find improved by the internet is the water purifier machine.

These water purifier machines seemed to have reached the limits of their technology soon after they were invented. After all, the old water purifier machines were little more than a jug with a water filter attached. There really weren’t any improvements that could be made to them, other than possibly refining the water filters to trap more impurities. 

But then, the internet came along with its ability to collect and store data as well as interconnect people and things. The latest generation of digital technology has even been referred to as the IoT, or the internet of things.  

Next Generation Water Purifier Machines

With the connective capabilities of the internet, many product designers and creators started looking at different items from a completely new angle. They were looking for items that could be improved by the addition of connectivity and data collection. And they found that a lot of these household machines could benefit from the application of digital capabilities. One of the items with a long-lasting problem that could be solved through the use of connectivity and data collection was the water purifier machine. 

The problem with these purifier machines was that the filter had to be changed several times a year. Depending on the make and model of the machine and the complexity of the filter, this could be expensive. 

Manufacturers resorted to a standard of three or four months between filter changes, but this figure was regardless of how much use the machine was getting between filter changes. Product designers realised that with the connective and data collection capabilities of digital applications, they could solve the problem of filter changes and accurately predict exactly when it was time to change a filter. 

Changing the Standards of Water Filter Use

They solved the problem of inaccurate filter changes by monitoring the machine remotely through the internet and transforming the volume of water flowing through the filter into measurable data. 

Then, they measured the volume of water needed to utilise their filters fully, and this gave them a benchmark they could apply to everyone’s machines. And so, they were able to send a notification to each owner when the filters in their machines had reached the limits of their effectiveness and needed to be changed.

The data they collected and the connectivity they established through the internet further enabled them to expand the functions of these water purifier machines. They created an app the owner could install on their smartphones. The app could receive the filter change notification, but it could also be used to track the hydration levels of active kids by their parents or track the total amount of drinking water consumed for a month by the family, or award manufacturer’s points for hitting a goal in using the machine. 

The digital age has meant a whole new era for these machines. Contact Snaptec today to find out what this new era of water purifier machines can mean for your family.