Book a Hotel in Vientiane with a View of the Mekong River

Booking a hotel in Vientiane that offers a view of the Mekong River provides you with an evening’s relaxing entertainment for as long you’re in town. There is just something hypnotic about watching the sun go down over such a prominent landmark in Southeast Asia as the Mekong that it can take your breath away. 

The area along the river is as popular with the town residents as it is with visitors to the city. Cooling breezes waft in off the water as the sun slowly sets over the river and provide relief from the tropical heat. The setting sun bathes everything in its amber glow as the city’s residents gather along the riverfront to take in the sights along with a street snack and a cold drink at a street-side stall or enjoy a stroll along the riverfront promenade that stretches for kilometers. 

Popular Restaurant Area of Vientiane

A riverfront location is the most valuable spot to have for the restaurants and hotels of the city. And booking a hotel room in Vientiane that provides a view of the Mekong River along with all the other attractions along the river provides you with the makings of a memorable stay in Vientiane. 


Many of the best-known cafes and restaurants serving the best food are within a short distance of the Quai Fa Ngum, the road that runs along the riverfront. You’ll find the freshest Lao food along with a large range of international restaurants, all vying for the dining attention of the browsers wandering along the streets and enjoying the sunset. 

One of the most popular pastimes is taking advantage of the tradition of coffee-drinking culture in Laos and simply pulling up a chair at an outdoor table and watching the world go by as you drink a rich coffee beverage.  You can perhaps sample some Khanom Khuu, a type of Lao donut, or one of the pastries you’ll be invariably tempted with. 

But save room for dinner as the area is the heart of the city’s culinary district, with some excellent choices in both local and foreign food often being served by talented chefs in the same establishment. 

Hotels in Vientiane with a Mekong View


The best hotels in Vientiane can be found in this area as well, as a Mekong view is a special thing to be able to offer tourists and business visitors. It serves as a magnet for attracting guests of all kinds who appreciate a beautiful view of a tropical sunset.

Two of the best hotels offering a Mekong view in Vientiane are the La Seine Hotel by Burasari and the Vientiane Crowne Plaza. La Seine Hotel by Burasari offers rooftop dining with a panoramic view of the river. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a light meal and a glass of wine while you watch the sunset over the river. 

The luxurious Vientiane Crowne Plaza offers river views from some of their upper floor suites and guest rooms. Relax in comfort while you watch the sun go down from the comfort of your sumptuous living room when you book a stay at the Vientiane Crowne Plaza.