Flash Express announces a joint investment with AIF Group Laos, steps into E-commerce in CLMV to launch “Flash Laos” – full-service logistics, and ready for border trade connectivity.

Flash Express and AIF Group Laos announce a joint investment to step into CLMV market and launch Flash Laos – a full service of express logistic by land and air in Laos. Customers will be able to deliver parcels between Thailand and Vientiane Capital to support the growth of E-Commerce business, boost the economics between the two countries and seamlessly connect.

Flash Express Co., Ltd., Thai full service logistic provider, the first Thai start up that becomes an international unicorn by Mr. Komsan Lee-CEO says that Flash service expansion to Laos pride the Thai start up, expanding full service logistic business in CLMV with a strong strategic partner, AIF Group Laos. We will be partners for both land and air full logistic service provider. With economic and social study of CLMV market, Flash foresees an opportunity for full service logistic to our neighbor countries, being well prepared in terms of labors and resources. Moreover, Thai government is continuously developing the infrastructure system between Thailand and neighbor countries which will be an opportunity and good direction for logistic business.image3 2“From a successful business model of Flash Express in Thailand and a technology that we have been developing for 3 years, we are now ready to launch “Flash Laos” – a full service logistic by land and air with the same concept we are using in Thailand. The concept is the first and only express logistic service provider that open 365days. We will also provide booking in advance via Flash Express Application where customer can prebook a delivery service, from in-person pick up, receiving parcels, tracking, to checking for service fee by themselves. Thus, the cooperation between Flash Express and AIF Group Laos will have 2 main parts. The first parts, “Flash Laos”, will provide logistic service from Thailand to Vientiane. The second part will be the key cooperation of both companies, expanding the service to cover all areas of Laos. In addition, the second part will include the cross border logistic service between Thai and Laos to support customer demand of B2B, B2C, and C2C. However, the second parts will be launched in November 2021 and will also recruit new local business partners of Flash Laos with the concept of house opening as a parcel pick up. This will provide job and income opportunity for our Laos’ partners.” says Komsan Lee.image2 5

Mr. Rithikone Phoummasack, Chairman of AIF Group Laos said: “We are pleased to partner with the first Thai unicorn and rely on both AIF Group and Flash Thailand expertise to bring best practices and ease cross-border deliveries to the fast-growing Laos logistic industry”.

“Flash Laos, a fully integrated digital service provider, will help support the continuous growth of our E-Commerce division, already bolstered by the recent integration of a local marketplace platform within the group activities”, emphasized Mr. Rithikone Phoummasack. “The strategic venture further enhances our capacity to deliver superior digital services and better serve Lao’s fast-growing consumer base” he confirmed, “and leverages AIF Group’s strong understanding and expertise of the Lao and regional markets to enable local consumers to seamlessly exchange goods between Thailand and Laos.


About Flash Express Thailand


Flash Express (Thailand) Company Limited is a Thai full service logistic provider, is the first Thai startup to become an international unicorn under the concept “In mind, In delivery”. The company was established in 2018 by Mr. Komsan Saelee, the Chief Executive Officer and the management team and Thai officers. It is the first express service provider to implement a policy of receiving free parcels at the front door (Door-to-Door Service) and is available 365 days a year. Flash Express is a subsidiary of the Flash Group, a Thai-based fully integrated E-Commerce service provider. Flash Logistics services include large-scale transportation, Flash Fulfillment, product warehousing, and financial services (Flash Money/Flash Pay).

About AIF Group Laos

AIF Group is one of the biggest and the most dynamic business groups in Laos employing more than 3,000 workers across 17 countries. The group’s core business activities include Banking & Financial Services; Energy Utilities; Construction, Property & Infrastructure Development; E-Commerce, Telecom & Technology Services; Trading; as well as Agriculture, with operations in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore.