Carabao Group donates Woody C+ Lock drink to Covid-19 patients through Nine Entertain Birthday Charity event

A Woody Drink Co Ltd, an affiliate of the Carabao Group, has donated 30 boxes of Woody C+ Lock Collagen Mixed Berries Vitamin C Drink to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The health beverage has been presented to the Nine Entertain Birthday Charity, an event organised by the Nine Entertain Programme on Channel 9 MCOT HD in order to mark the programme’s 19th anniversary.


 Woody C+ Lock forms part of 1,000 relief packages which will be passed on to various communities across the country. Mr.Sathien Setthasit, Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Group, said the donation of Woody C+ Lock drink is a token of assistance and care for Covid-19 patients. Peechaya “Min” Wattanamontree, presenter of Woody C+ Lock Collagen Mixed Berries, has also expressed her goodwill to those affected by coronavirus during the presentation of the beverage to the programme.

 Woody C+ Lock is a beverage brand owned by A Woody Drink Co Ltd under the Carabao Group umbrella. Launched in March 2020 with famed talk show host Vuthithorn “Woody” Milintachinda being the brand ambassador, Woody C+ Lock comes in three flavours: Lemon, Orange and also Collagen Mixed Berry that made its debut in April 2021. Woody C+ Lock has quickly moved into second place in the Healthy Shot drink market segment that is valued at more than 6.5 billion baht.  The success of Woody C+ Lock lies on its offering of the highest vitamin C content on the market. Thanks to its green glass bottle with a special cap, a result of extensive research and development at the Carabao Group, the value of the vitamin C content is tightly preserved. The bottle and the double-locking cap effectively prevent the degradation of vitamin C from sunlight and outside air to deliver freshness and good health benefits to consumers.

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