Elements of Automatic Bag Filling Machines

Automatic bag filling machines can be an incredibly useful tool for any manufacturing or packaging company. They increase efficiency, save time, and can standardize processes reducing the frequency of errors in many packaging processes. Incorporating these machines into your packaging systems for products that need to be stored in bags can, therefore, have massive benefits. 

It is important to know how automatic bag filling machines work and what all the elements are that go into creating this new level of efficiency. Understanding all the elements will ensure that when you install one you can use it effectively with the other machines used in your packaging line. This article will cover some of the parts that make up automatic bag filling machines and how they work.

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Bag Placer

This is the element of an automatic bag filling machine that properly places the bag so that product can effectively be transferred into it. It is important that this element has a good way to adjust the opening properly for the type of product and the size of the bag opening. If the product is liquid or semiliquid in form, then it is important that this element is able to create and maintain a proper seal to avoid any leakage.

Bag Former

Not all automatic bag filling machines will need a bag former. This element can either create the bag from raw material directly before it is filled, or help maintain the shape of the bag before it is filled. 


Bag Filler

The bag filler is the element of an automatic bag filling machine that dispenses product into the prepared bag. It is important for this element to start and stop at the right part of the process, but also that it has an accurate way to measure when the bag is filled to the right volume and filling should stop. This is essential to avoid any spillage and make sure that bags are not overfilled, which could cause them to burst unnecessarily when experiencing pressure.

Check Weigh Conveyor

A check weigh conveyor is important for an automatic bag filling machine, because it checks to make sure that filled bags have been filled correctly with the appropriate volume of product. THis is an important check to make sure that bags will remain properly intact during transport after being filled.

Bag Closer

A bag closer is the part of an automatic bag filling machine that seals the bag. This can be done with either a permanent seal, such as sewing the bag closed, or with a reopenable seal, such as a zipper closure. The type of seal used will depend heavily on the type of product being transported and if you want it to be easily openable without any sort of tools. 

Essential Elements of Automatic Bag Filling Machines

Make sure that any automatic bag filling machine that you incorporate into your packaging solutions operates in coordination with other machinery that you are using. In addition, make sure that all the elements of the machine are properly calibrated to give you the best packaging solution results possible.