A diploma Broadens Your Opportunities 

A Diploma in Software Engineering Expands Your Opportunities 

Whether you have your heart set on building a career in the technology field, or you feel the need to change your direction to a field that promises almost unlimited opportunities for the future, getting a diploma in software engineering is a great place to start. 

There are many avenues to follow in technology, and new opportunities appear every day, but to choose the right one for you and make a satisfying career in technology takes the right skills and understanding the basic concepts of software engineering. 

The Forward School in Penang, Malaysia, has put together a program of four courses that together can give you a firm foundation in software engineering. They provide the tools that everyone in technology needs to make the most of their abilities. 


Beginning Courses

Forward School offers two beginning courses to introduce you to the world of software engineering, Data Science Essentials (2 Months in duration) and Applied Software Engineering (24 months in duration). Students can attend these classes either in person at our campus in Penang or participate in the online course.

Completing the course in Applied Software Engineering entitles the graduate to a NitroDegree in Software Engineering. The NitroDegree provides a work and study environment where each student is exposed to the real-life tech industry on a consistent basis. They gain work experience with tech companies that are Forward School’s hiring partners and can apply the principles that they’re taught in the classroom.  

Applied Data Science Course (Intermediate)

The third course in the syllabus introduces the student to the fascinating world of deep learning. This course teaches the student about neural networks, text mining and Neural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. It also gets the student started in Keras, a neural network application programming interface for Python. 

They’ll also learn about data science for image processing and computer vision applications. 

Applied Deep Learning (Advanced)

The final course in the program is an Applied Deep Learning course that teaches students how to perform the operations that fall within the scope of deep learning. The students will continue learning about deep learning concepts, but they’ll also use what they’ve learned. 

They’ll explore DL4J, ND4J, and Datavec. These are tools and libraries that are used within the scope of neural networks. For instance, Datavec turns various file formats, including images, audio, video, and text, into columns of vectors that can be used in a deep learning framework. 


Benefits of the Forward School Program

The courses offered in the Software Engineering Diploma program offer students the ability to study in-depth the technology that is defining many of today’s innovations. These students will become well-versed in the subjects and be able to make significant contributions to many real-world applications. 

In short, they’ll be able to make a difference in the world through technology. To learn more about Forward School, please go on our website and open a free account. You’ll then be free to ask any question you choose in learning more about our programs.