CP Foods releases Sustainability Report 2021, pledging the better future through actions

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is releasing the Sustainability Report 2021 that highlights actions to drive changes for the better and sustainable decades. The report revealed the Company’s actions to materialize the “CPF 2030 Sustainability in Action” strategy, in order to ensure food security and positive social impacts throughout the value chain under the Net Zero Emissions goal.

The Sustainability Report 2021 was prepared accordingly to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, to reflect the Company’s progress on sustainability actions. CP Foods adapted quickly to challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and the African Swine Fever outbreak that dampened the global economy. The Company adopted a cautious and holistic approach in promoting uninterrupted food security and has overcome the crisis. CP Foods also achieved the targets under the CPF 2030 Sustainability in Action strategy that was developed the 9 commitments under the 3 sustainability pillars and ably supported all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Mr. Wuthichai Sithipreedanant, Senior Vice President – Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of CP Foods, said that the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years was the major catalyst for transition to digital society. CP Foods was driven to apply technology and innovations in all business processes from feed to farm and food. The adaptation was guided by the CPF 2030 Sustainability in Action targets, shaped around the 3 sustainability pillars – Food Security, Self-Sufficient Society and Balance of Nature. The main goal is to make CP Foods an organization that contributes global food security; stewardship for farmers, business partners and society for mutual growth; and safety for employees.  


“CP Foods supports collaboration with the civil society to promote awareness and we advocate sustainability best practices that highlight actions by individuals and their families for a better future. We take part in ensuring optimized resource utilization as well as environmental rehabilitation and balance for societal well-being today and tomorrow,” Mr.  Wuthichai said.

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To achieve sustainability targets, CP Foods has placed an emphasis on research and development of food innovations that offer nutritional values for global consumers’ good health. The other focus is on efficient resource management through the application of automated systems and digitization for systematic data collection and analysis, which has reduced business risks but enhanced efficiency and will eventually lead CP Foods towards net zero emissions.

Mr.  Wuthichai added that under the 3 sustainability pillars, on the Food Security front, CP Foods has continually churned out quality products. Forty percent of new products promote good health and greater nutritional values. CP Foods has raised the cage-free farms’ production capacity to 30 million eggs. The caring of pregnant sows in holding pens has been improved and the improvement process will cover all farms in 2025. Meanwhile, the improvement of broiler chicken farms’ environment has been 64.87% completed.

On the second pillar, Self-Sufficient Society, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, CP Foods placed employees’ safety as the top priority through preventive measures and healthcare. Supports were extended to society through the establishment of 2 field hospitals for employees and the general public. Aside, positive social impacts throughout the value chain have been in focus, as reflected in respect to human rights and treatment of employees in line with the human rights principles. CP Foods vows to be a learning organization and employees in Thailand and overseas have enjoyed capability development. More than 460 small businesses and suppliers in the global supply chain have been assisted in their quest for higher competitiveness.  CP Foods also plays a part in promoting suppliers’ anti-corruption capability, which earned the Company the “CAC Change Agent Award 2021”.

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CP Foods has continually rolled out social activities which include the pig contract farming program. Based on the social return on investment, the program has contributed Bt4,574 million in economic value. It supports 9 of 17 SDGs.      

Concerning the last sustainability pillar, Balance of Nature, the Company has emphasized resource optimization throughout the value chain under the goal to achieve the net zero emissions. Renewable energy accounts for 27% of the Company’s energy utilization, while 44% of water has been reused or recycled. On waste management, CP Foods targets to achieve zero landfill or zero burning in 2030. The Company has also initiated the forest conservation and rehabilitation program in strategic locations and has continually increased green areas in its premises. Thanks to the initiatives, the operations in Thailand have successfully sequestrated 111,392 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.


In 2021, CPF was bestowed numerous awards for sustainability reporting including The International ARC Awards 2021, being the only awardee from Thailand and Southeast Asia. Through the international award, CP Foods’ excellent communications as well as clear, complete and creative presentation – as guided by its sustainability policy, were recognized. The other awards are Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA)’s in Asia’s Best Workplace Reporting Category (Gold Class) that reflected its exemplary stewardship of and engagement with employees, respect to human rights and actions on employee safety; and Sustainability Disclosure Award 2021 from Thaipat Institute.

CP Foods’ Sustainability Report 2021, in Thai and English languages, is downloadable at: