CP Foods wins Gold medal in Human Rights at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2021

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has received 4 awards from the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) 2021, including Gold medal, the highest award, in the category of Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (Human Right) from its transparent reporting on the aspect across the value chain. The company was also honoured with a Silver for design category and two Bronze medals for Best Environmental Impact Reporting and Best Supply Chain Reporting category.

The company’s Sustainability Report has received ASRA’s award for the third year in a row, demonstrating a significant milestone in high-quality disclosure and communication of material sustainability issues and contributes to sustainable development.

CP Foods has implemented its sustainability effort under the “CPF 2030 Sustainability in Action” strategy and the “3 pillars”, food security, self-sufficient society and balance of nature, principle and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Under these guidelines, the company carries out missions to build food security and create a positive impact for communities, society and the environment.

The year awards include categories, with an increasingly rigorous evaluation criteria, focusing on impact measurement and corporate values to society and the world. CP Foods bags 4 awards in this year, with the highest award or Gold Class in human rights.


“This reflects the transparent communication of human rights risk management throughout the organization’s value chain. CP Foods a clear policy, strategies and goals as well as tangible results in all related aspects,” the company said.


At the same time, CPF received a silver award in the category of Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (Design) for its creative, innovative, clear presentations in line with sustainability strategies and corporate culture. It also received two Bronze Awards in Asia’s Best Supply Chain Reporting category for its transparent supply chain communication and responsible sourcing of raw materials and Bronze Award in Asia’s Best Environmental Impact Reporting category for Strategic Environmental Management Reporting that focus on a clear positive impact on the environment and biodiversity.

The Asia’s Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) recognizes organizations for inclusive and transparent public disclosure of their sustainability performance. The assessment is made by an independent committee with expertise in sustainable development from around the world.

Assessing 585 companies from 14 countries around the world, CP Foods’ 2021 Sustainability Report is one of 30 prestigious organizations that won the ASRA award in this year.