3M announces school zone transformations to increase pedestrian visibility and road safety

100 school commitment to serve as a global model in helping children get to school safely

Bangkok, Thailand, May 17, 2022 – Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children five years and older worldwide, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To help protect the lives of our most vulnerable pedestrians – children – 3M announced its commitment to increase safety and visibility in 100 school zones in 23 countries around the world, including Thailand and ten other countries in Asia, by 2024.

As part of its ongoing commitment to road and transportation safety, 3M commissioned third-party independent research in 11 countries to identify the top concerns of adults relative to getting to and from home safely, as well as their views on the current state of transportation safety in their communities. 

In APAC, as many as 46% of those surveyed reported having a family member or close friend who has died or been seriously injured in a traffic accident, significantly higher than the 33% globally. In fact, according to the International Road Assessment Programme’s (iRAP) Vaccines for Roads Big Data Tool, traffic accidents kill nearly 2,000 people and injure 54,000 every day across the Asia Pacific region.


According to 2018 World Health Organization’s road safety report, Thailand’s road accident rate is one of the highest in the world. The country recently reported over 2,700 traffic accidents and 333 deaths during the period between December 29, 2021 and January 4, 2022, which is commonly known as a “Seven Dangerous Days” period. 

Improving 100 School Zones by 2024

3M has been working in communities around the world to help make roads safer for all, with the mission of helping bring families home safely. From this year to 2024, 3M aims to amplify its commitment to keeping roads safe with its school zone transformations. 

Underdeveloped roadways, a lack of crosswalks and poor visibility in school zones put our youngest pedestrians at particular risk when walking and biking to and from school. The rate at which these incidents happen drastically increases within low-income countries and communities indicating a clear need for change, according to the World Health Organization. 3M recognizes the urgency in addressing these dangers and the need for safer school zones. 

“3M’s commitment to improve school zone safety centers on the belief that every child deserves a chance at an education and getting to school safely shouldn’t be a barrier,” says Dr. Dan Chen, president, 3M Transportation Safety Division. “Over the next two years, we will work with NGOs and government agencies to improve safety in school zones and develop a scalable model for high-risk and under-resourced communities to create safer roads for all children.”

“In addition, improving road safety standards is a part of our determination to work for a better life which is our aspiration. We at 3M Thailand are glad to help schools across Thailand become safer for students and pedestrians,” said Wiyada Srinaganand, 3M Thailand Country Leader. 3M has already partnered with Sutheewittaya school, a local school in Saraburi province, to install a pedestrian crossing in front of the school entrance and high visibility school traffic signs to increase the safety of children.

Community collaboration

For more than eight decades, 3M’s Transportation Safety Division has had the mission to advance transportation infrastructure and mobility globally. The installation of high-performance road materials and technologies, like Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting for school zone signage and Pavement Marking Tape to help improve reflectivity and visibility for motorists and pedestrians, have helped families return home safely. 

And while technology and innovation are necessary steps to create safer road conditions, 3M continues to collaborate and work with communities, civic and government leaders, policymakers, NGOs and other organizations to help lead change and create safer roadway systems globally. 

As a member of the UN Global Compact, 3M believes in the role public-private partnerships can play in solving pressing global issues, such as road and transportation safety. 3M is a signatory of the Call on President Biden to End Roadway Fatalities and a pledge of the United Nations General Assembly Decade of Action for Road Safety to prevent at least 50 percent of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. 

To get involved and learn more about 3M’s School Zone Road Safety, visit 3M.com/schoolzonesafety.


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