Femto LASIK is Offered at Vejthani Hospital

Discover Femto LASIK at Vejthani Hospital 

Many people have heard of LASIK refractive eye surgery. The surgery using lasers to reshape the cornea has been available for many years and still remains popular. However, there is a recent advancement in LASIK surgery called Femto LASIK.  

This new revolutionary eye surgery does away with any bladed cutting tools in the surgery and relies on a precision laser to make all the incisions in the procedure. Femto LASIK can also be used on patients with abnormally sized or curved corneas as well as patients with small eyes. 

Femto LASIK takes eye surgery to an advanced level and offers hope to all those who were deemed unable to have regular refractive eye surgery. 


Bladeless Eye Surgery is Safer and Gentler

This new bladeless eye surgery does away with cutting a flap by a physical cutting tool in the traditional type of corrective refractive surgery. 

Bladeless surgery has been developed to be gentler on the eyes. The procedure takes less time, the patient is more comfortable throughout the procedure, and there is no need to inject anesthetics and leave an invasive scar.

By doing away with any cutting tool, this new type of procedure also lessens the risk of having a scratched cornea. This allows for faster healing of the corneas and reduced recovery time. 

Higher Precision

There were varying degrees of success with traditional varieties of LASIK corrective surgery. This is because the initial incision was made with a cutting tool handled by a doctor. While the doctor may have been highly skilled, he simply didn’t possess the precision provided by a laser. 

With the new bladeless procedure, every incision is performed by a laser. This means that the overall procedure is achieved with a much greater degree of precision. The procedure is available to a much higher number of patients with a wider variety of vision issues. These issues would have disqualified them from receiving traditional LASIK surgery. 

People who want to undergo Femto LASIK are only required to have stable vision for at least one year before the procedure and not have any eye diseases such as Keratoconus or Macular Degeneration.

The new procedure is also refractive surgery. Refractive surgery has been shown to help patients with:

Myopia: This is the most requested eye correction. Patients have trouble seeing things clearly that are far away. It’s also referred to as being near-sighted.  

Hyperopia: People with hyperopia have trouble seeing things that are close up. This condition becomes common in people as they age. It’s also called being far-sighted. 

Astigmatism: This condition is caused by imperfections in the shape of the cornea and irregular curvature of the cornea. 


Presbyopia: This is another age-related eye condition. It occurs when the eyes lose their elasticity and become stiff and inflexible.  

Vejthani Hospital Performs Femto LASIK

The Eye Center at Vejthani Hospital offers Femto LASIK surgery. If you’ve been refused refractive eye surgery before, make an appointment to see a doctor at the Eye Center and find out if you’re a suitable candidate for the latest in refractive eye surgery.