Siam Piwat led by ICONSIAM and Siam Paragon welcome the world’s women leaders at “Global Summit of Women 2022,” showcasing splendid Thai ways of life to the eyes of the world

Thailand is hosting the 32nd Global Summit of Women 2022 or the world’s major international forum for the world’s women leaders during June 23-25, 2022. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the country’s readiness and capabilities to host international-standard forum and the potential to become a “Global Destination” for international convention and tourism, following the recovery of Coronavirus endemic.


Siam Piwat CO., Ltd, a leading property and retail developer – the owner and operator of global retail destinations Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, is honored to co-host and serve as venues to welcome the world’s women leaders attending the Global Summit of Women 2022. ICONSIAM, the global landmark on the bank of Chao Phraya River, and Siam Paragon, a world-class shopping destination, are set to welcome the delegates with majestic Thainess, rich cultural heritages of each region, to showcase Thailand to the eyes of the world. 

ICONSIAM welcomes the women leaders from around the world with “PRE-SUMMIT TOUR” showcasing grandeur of Thainess to the world


ICONSIAM, the iconic global landmark on the bank of Chao Phraya River, is welcoming the women leaders from across the globe attending the Global Summit of Women 2022 by hosting PRE-SUMMIT TOUR on 22 June 2022. The grand welcome event features Thai four-region cultural performances and the showcase of “ICONIC Multimedia Water Features” at River Park, featuring the longest water performance in Southeast Asia. A splendid combination of light and sound and cutting-edge multimedia technology, highlighting Thailand cultures, identity and reinforcing the country as a global destination.

In addition, the women leaders will visit SookSiam, the town of Thai-style happiness and fun.  The venue presents the wonders of Thai way of living and rich cultural heritages of the four main geographical regions of Thailand through foods, arts and handicrafts, set in the captivating local atmospheres of each region. Next stop is ICONCRAFT, on the 4-5 Floor, an inspirational platform and the largest center of Thai craftsmanship by local artisans across the country, promoting Thai artisanal excellence and glorify creativity and local wisdom that are featured in handicrafts. The delegates will also participate in the Thai fragrances and fan-shaped potpourri sachets workshops. Various craft demonstrations are also featured including floral embroidery on silk, Benjarong ware painting, miniatures sculpting, and the making of silver accessories on natural wood using ancient Japanese metalworking mokumegane technique to adorn Samurai swords in the late Meji era. These are magnificent Thainess that ICONSIAM is proud to present to the eyes of the female leaders from around the world. 

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Siam Paragon presents the grandeur of “Global Summit of Women 2022 Welcome Dinner” with magnificent  world-class cultural performance 


On the special night of 23 June 2022, Siam Paragon, the world-class shopping destination, will host “Global Summit of Women 2022 Welcome Dinner” for the participating women delegates.  Themed the magical Thai living, the gala dinner is to promote the magnificence of Thainess to the eyes of the world. 

From Siam Paragon entrance on the G floor to the dinner venue at Royal Paragon Hall on the 5th Floor, Thai identity will be showcased through decorations such as sculptures,  beautiful images of tourist attractions and Thai cultural performances from regions of Thailand. In addition, the Suanplu Chorus will perform to welcome the female leaders and distinguished guests as well as traditional Thai puppets of the Joe Louis Theatre. Featured also will be four regions handicraft demonstrations including Bo Sang umbrella from the North, basketry from the Northeast, carving and floral garland from the Central Region, and shadow-puppet from the South. Impressive souvenirs will also be given to the women leaders like Bo Sang umbrella, woven carp-shape wind hangings, miniature flower garlands, and welcome gifts from Siam Piwat. 

At the welcome dinner, the host will meticulously prepare Thai foods crafted from premium ingredients and the spectacular performances including the Ramayana Khon performance: the Sattayanaree (Sida Lui Faai) episode, UNESCO has listed Thai khon masked dance as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Featured also are the traditional cultural performances of four regions themed Welcome to Thailand; Fon Tee dance from the North, Rabam Ton Worachet dance from the Central, Nora dance from the South, Pong Lang dance from the Northeast. Another highlight is the theatrical boxing Tumrub Tubjak, a Thai boxing which two competitors have to be blindfolded, set in the fun atmosphere of temple fair –to impress the women leaders and distinguished guests for the whole night.