Cambodian Labour Minister praises CP Foods as model for fair labour management

Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, H.E. Mr. Ith Samheng, H.E. Mr.Ouk Sorphorn, Ambassador of Cambodia to Thailand, and a delegation visited Cambodian workers at the Nakhon Ratchasima Chicken Processing Plant of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) to examine their well-being.

H.E. Mr. Ith Samheng, who was on the official visit to Thailand  to monitor the quality of life of Cambodian workers abroad, said the Thai and Cambodian governments have placed importance on human resource development. As a result, booth parties have been collaborating to improve the skill of migrant labours as well as ensuring that Cambodians in Thailand have a stable career, income, and living in a good condition.

The Cambodian Labour Ministrer also gave a speech, praising the migrant workers for their contributions to the economic growth of both countries. At last, he praised CP Foods’ plant and Nakhon Ratchasima province for taking good care of over 2,200 Cambodian migrant workers.

Sornkrit Wattasiri, Senior Vice President – HR Livestock Business at CP Foods, said Cambodian workers are an important driving force for CP Foods, helping the company to produce high quality foods for consumers across the globe.

The Nakhon Ratchasima chicken processing plant has approximately 8,800 employees, consisting of 2,268 Cambodian employees and 6,600 Thai employees. All of them are working under Thai Labor standards (TLS 8001-263) that is on par with internationally-recognized labour requirements. Moreover, CP Foods has worked closely with government agencies, associations and relevant civil society sectors to verify that all workers regardless of their nationalities are treated with respect and dignity. This is to ensure a fair and transparent food supply chain.

Sornkrit added that CP Foods has a policy to employ all migrant workers as employees of the company to provide the benefits and welfare that are on par with Thai staff. In addition, the chicken processing plant provides Cambodian workers with dormitory, transportation, and interpreters to communicate and provide assistance to migrant workers in matters of work and life.

The Company, in collaboration with the Labour Promotion Network Foundation or LPN Foundation, has created a holine channel for workers to voice their concerns, Labour Voice by LPN. The hotline provides translator to allow the migrant employees to discuss, consult and file complaints in their native language. CP Foods and LPN also host human rights training for employees to help them understand their rights.

He added that, during the Covid-19 crisis, CP Foods has rigorously upgraded its epidemic prevention measures to ensure that all employees work safely in all situations and devoting every aspect to support all employees, including Cambodians.

“CP Foods is very pleased with the collaboration with the Cambodian government. We both have a mutual goal to give a better quality of life for migrant workers in Thailand. Todays’ official visit will boost the confidence of the Cambodian government and migrant employees at CP Foods,” said Mr. Sornkrit.