Thai Dating Apps Fueling Thailand’s Infidelity Rates?

Thai Dating Online Chaos! Are Dating Apps/Online Dating Websites Fueling Infidelity Rates?

In today’s era, where a significant portion of the population favors online dating through various dating apps and websites, there is a correlation between the high number of users in Thailand (over 10,000,000 per month, according to iResearch) and the rising rates of infidelity and divorce in the country. Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s leading high-end matchmaking company, is determined to delve deeper into this matter and provide answers to all the singles out there.

Today, Bangkok Matching presents you the intriguing data that directly impacts the love lives and relationships of both single and non-single individuals. The focal point of our discussion today is the “infidelity rate” for the year 2023, as reported by the World Population Review. They have ranked countries based on this infidelity rate statistic, and the results are now unveiled. Many may wonder whether Thailand is included in this ranking. Here’s the reveal: Thailand has made it to the top 10 countries with the highest infidelity rates in the world. 

Ranking of the Top 10 Countries Worldwide with the Highest Infidelity Rates:

  1. United States: 71%
  2. Germany: 68%
  3. United Kingdom: 66%
  4. Thailand: 61%
  5. Brazil: 57%
  6. France: 57%
  7. Russia: 53%
  8. Japan: 49%
  9. Romania: 46%
  10. Australia: 44%

In the current year (2023), Thailand holds the 4th position with a notably high infidelity rate of 61%.  This statistic suggests that individuals often engage in infidelity with “strangers.” Bangkok Matching aims to clarify the term “strangers,” which refers to infidelity in the form of One Night Stands – casual encounters that prioritize physical attraction over emotional connection, typically occurring without prior acquaintance.

Even married couples are not exempt from this trend, as the survey reveals that a significant number of married Thais have been unfaithful at least once. This trend is closely linked to the increasing divorce rate in Thailand, which has surged to nearly 140,000 couples.

Upon hearing this, many individuals may experience shock, as infidelity in Thailand remains largely unaccepted, considered unethical, and often illegal. However, the fact that Thailand ranks high in infidelity rates demands an explanation. As a professional media outlet, we must provide a clear response, examining the five key reasons that drive the majority of individuals in Thailand to engage in infidelity.

The 5 Primary Causes at the Root of Infidelity, Commonly Found in Committed or Married Individuals, Are:

  1. Lack of Emotional Intimacy: When a romantic relationship lacks emotional depth, individuals may seek emotional connection elsewhere to fulfill their needs.
  2. Sexual Preferences Unmet: The combination of love and physical intimacy means that some people prefer sexual experiences that align with their desires. This could lead some to seek excitement and a partner who satisfies their sexual preferences.
  3. Desire for Novelty: For some, there is no complex reason other than an inclination toward excitement, novelty, and a penchant for risky situations. Engaging in infidelity, particularly through online platforms, is seen as a way to explore new experiences.
  4. Boredom and Repetitive Issues: Relationship challenges, when recurrent, can lead to infidelity as individuals grow tired and frustrated with recurring problems. Seeking a new connection becomes a way to escape from the mundane and find fresh enjoyment in life.
  5. Lack of Confidence in the Partner: Some people may harbor doubts and insecurities about their partners, whether related to future prospects, financial matters, or personality traits. When this confidence falters, it is not unusual to look for someone who seems more suitable or offers a higher level of certainty.

These factors shed light on why infidelity is prevalent among those in committed or married relationships, impacting the dynamics of modern relationships, particularly in an era where online opportunities abound.

Are the use of dating apps/online dating websites a significant factor contributing to infidelity?

In this regard, Bangkok Matching would like to present the findings from a survey conducted by Global Web Index, which included 47,000 respondents who were users of well-known dating apps. The survey revealed that 42% of dating app users are “not single,” with 30% of them being married and 12% already in a committed relationship. These results are quite concerning as they indicate that a significant portion of dating app users are not single, and a substantial number of them are already in relationships.

Furthermore, in 2018, a group of researchers conducted an analysis of similar surveys, examining various contributing factors. Their conclusion was that “online dating applications have a tendency to lead to actual infidelity.”

Bangkok Matching, as a professional matchmaking company with extensive experience in dating and relationship counseling, would like to elaborate on the sub-factors that transform dating apps and online dating platforms into channels that increase the infidelity rate. These factors are as follows:

Why Do Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites Make Infidelity Easier?

Bangkok Matching believes that a significant factor contributing to people engaging in deceptive behavior and choosing to use dating apps and online dating websites lies in the convenience these platforms offer. From the moment of registration, dating apps and online dating websites typically rely heavily on automated filtering systems. They lack thorough human background checks or interviews, allowing virtually anyone to sign up. This absence of authenticity verification results in a lack of scrutiny regarding users’ true qualifications.

Additionally, the freedom to set one’s own bio, relationship status, and other attributes on these dating platforms often lends itself to ambiguity rather than clarity. This, in turn, can lead to the cultivation of secret relationships and hidden affairs. The systems typically do not verify whether the stated single status is factual or deceptive. Conversations carried out through chat, text, or video chat cannot always confirm the true intentions of the other party, leading to the risk of being deceived or manipulated.

Moreover, with the advent of sophisticated AI technology, individuals with ill intentions or malicious agendas can now create AI-generated virtual personalities to deceive genuine singles on online dating platforms. These virtual personas are so convincing that they can engage in video calls and other interactions, further complicating the detection of deceit.

In summary, the combination of a lack of proper verification, ambiguous user settings, and the rise of AI-driven deception all contribute to making online dating platforms a breeding ground for infidelity and deceptive behavior.

The High Divorce Rate in Thailand and the Role of Infidelity

Taking a closer look at the situation in Thailand, one of the primary causes of high divorce rates is infidelity. Bangkok Matching would like to share statistics from the Department of Provincial Administration’s marriage registration data for the year 2022 (2565 Buddhist Era). This data reveals that the divorce rate in Thailand has been increasing year by year, with over 140,000 couples divorcing in this period. Bangkok leads the way in divorce statistics, with 17,635 couples in the first quarter of 2023, making it the number one province for divorce in the country.

The primary reasons for divorce in Thailand typically revolve around four main factors:

  1. Marital Conflicts and Misunderstandings: Disagreements and conflicts within marriages that escalate into misunderstandings are a leading cause of divorce. These conflicts can range from not understanding each other to domestic violence, with violence being the number one reason for couples to seek divorce.
  2. Infidelity: Infidelity is a significant issue that often leads to the end of marriages. Once infidelity occurs, it becomes challenging for the couple to continue their relationship. In the present day, infidelity is made easier through various means, including online dating apps, websites, social media platforms and other avenues.
  3. Lack of Responsibility: Marital issues often stem from a lack of shared responsibility in various aspects of life. When one partner feels burdened by the other’s lack of responsibility, it can lead to dissatisfaction and divorce.
  4. Substance Abuse: Substance abuse within families has long been a serious problem. It contributes to violence and an unsafe environment within the family, ultimately leading to marital issues and divorce.

These factors collectively contribute to the rising divorce rates in Thailand, with infidelity being a significant driving force behind many failed marriages.

How to Prevent Online Dating Apps from Ruining Relationships 

For those who are in a committed relationship or already dating someone and are concerned that their relationship might be jeopardized by the use of online dating apps as a tool for infidelity, Bangkok Matching cordially offers some valuable dating advice to help maintain your love.

  1. Maintain and Strengthen Your Relationship Consistently invest in your relationship by adding sweetness and positive emotions to it. This can be done through planning trips that change the atmosphere, having romantic evenings that stand out from ordinary days, or finding special ways to show your affection and support for each other. Filling your relationship with positive feelings will discourage turning to others, as keeping the connection strong is paramount.
  2. Make a Commitment to Trust Each Other Although there may not be strict guidelines in relationships, couples should commit to open communication with each other. Establish trust and confidence in your partner by discussing any problems or dissatisfactions you may have with each other. Avoid keeping these issues hidden and turning to dating apps for companionship or venting.
  3. Be Genuine and Transparent Honesty and transparency in behavior is key to preventing infidelity. Avoid hiding your feelings or engaging in secretive activities such as secretly using dating apps while in a committed relationship. Being forthright will build trust and confidence between partners, as deception and later discovery can lead to irreparable damage.
  4. Seek Relationship Counseling when Issues Arise Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from relationship experts or psychologists when problems arise. It is essential not to underestimate the value of professional advice. Having a neutral party who can provide expert guidance will help safeguard your relationship from deteriorating.

In conclusion, Bangkok Matching would like to stress that maintaining a strong and open relationship and committing to trust and honest communication are essential to safeguarding your relationship against the pitfalls of infidelity. While online dating apps are prevalent, a loving and secure relationship should be the primary focus. Utilize professional guidance when needed to ensure a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

Long Live Love!



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