Pictures: Songkran Away From Home In Hong Kong

    (14 April)
    Celebration of Songkran, or Thai New Year, is certainly not limited to hot spots like Khaosarn Road
    or Chiang Mai City Moat, as Thais living overseas also celebrate the occasion in their residence

    An example of such away-from-home Songkran celebration is the one held at
    Tak Ku Ling Road Garden, in the district of Kowloon City, Hong Kong, an area well-known for a
    sizable population of Thai nationals who settled in the special administrative region. Restaurants
    and stores operated by Thais are common sight in the Little Thailand.

    The annual event was
    co-hosted by Royal Thai Consulate-General and Thai Regional Alliance in Hong Kong, and featured all
    the trademark stuff one would expect to see in Songkran: a Buddha image shrine (pour water onto the
    figure to ask for good luck), folk dancing, and – of course – waterfights.

    Thais and
    foreigners jostled under the constant barrages of waterfights, many faces pasted with the white
    powder mixed in water – another omnipresent specialty of Songkran. Those without waterguns resorted
    to using bottles and bowls of water to splash the (sometimes ice-cold) ammunition at their immediate


    The festive, chaotic, and jovial atmosphere could easily rival Khaosarn Road, our
    correspondent reported from the scene.

    Apart from Tak Ku Ling Road, waterfights also broke
    out in front of some Thai-owned shops in the vicinity.