After Father & Son Died In Sleep, A Village Resorts To Exorcism

    (6 May) Mr. Pongsak Anpakanchana, president of Sawangtiengtumsataan Foundation, arrived with his team at Subsomboon village in Sa Kaeo province days ago. His mission: drive away the evil spirits.

    The village residents had been terrorized after 2 villagers, a father and a son, died from SUDS (Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome) in their sleep. They died 9 days apart. Both cases took place at 03.00 am, residents said.

    Mr. Son Sangsee, headman of Subsomboon, said that on April 16th, Mr. Song Tummalowej, 61, passed away from SUDS without any prior health problems. 9 days after that, Mr. Toi Tummalowej, 36, the son of the deceased also passed away without any prior health problems.

    Mr. Prasit Prasertkaew, local of Subsomboon village, was present during the death of Mr. Toi. He told our correspondent about the experience, saying that he and the deceased were watching TV, then Mr.Toi fell asleep next to him.


    Soon, he heard labored breathing from Mr.Toi and he proceeded to shake Mr.Toi, which did no good at all. Mr.Toi became still and cold and died eventually. Mr.Prasit confirmed that before his death, Mr.Toi did not show any signs of sickness. This was also true for Mr. Song.

    Locals were convinced they were being preyed by supernatural, malevolent entities. The fact that the deaths were only 9 days apart only added to the fear of the villagers.

    Worse, after making religious merit for the 2, a villager had dreams of a 40 year old woman and a large dark-skinned man warning that they will take the lives of 3 more villagers, causing much panic and fear.

    No one in Subsomboon village dared to go to sleep for a big while, according to locals.

    Mr. Son then told the villagers to sleep in shifts. The men slept at night with the women keeping watching until dawn. If someone tenses up or has any strange behaviour in their sleep, the person watching would shake them violently and wake them up.

    This helped protect the villagers from the evil spirits, the villager headman insists.

    However, The villagers were still scared and would not eat or sleep, so Mr. Son had to invite someone to come chase away the evil spirits for the safety of the villagers.

    That was why he contacted Mr. Pongsak. Today, a ceremony was held in Subsomboon Temple, with Mr. Pongsak acting as the chief necromancer. Offerings of savory and sweet foods were laid out while the necromancer chanted his incantations. Around 300 locals attended the ceremony.


    Eventually, Mr Pongsak said to the anxious villagers who had been gathering to witness the ritual that he managed to summon the evil spirits and ordered them to leave the village, which will spare the lives of many villagers.

    They can now rest assured that the evil spirit will no longer hurt them, Mr. Pongsak told the crowd, before adding that he merely relocated the evil spirits to somewhere else, but did not conquer the spirits.

    Nevertheless, that seemed assuring enough for the locals. The villagers were heard saying they will finally get a good night’s sleep. The crowds then dispersed, going back to their respective homes to rest.