Letters To Editors: 7 May 2013

The world knows how our country works

Dear Khaosod editorial team

 I am not happy with how some people in this country react angrily to PM Yingluck Shinawatra′s speech in Mongolia. The fact that her brother was ousted by a coup, that he was treated unfairly, is already well known to the world. The world knows it well. So how can these so-called honorable people claim that Ms. Yingluck was lying to damage Thailand′s reputation?

By the way – Yingluck damaging the country? What is left for Yingluck to damage? Her enemies have completely ruined our country long ago already!


The Prime Minister had my respect for speaking so frankly. Her critics should stop lecturing her how to work. They always say Yingluck has to maintain this stance, she has to do that action, etc. They should just wait till they are the government and do those things themselves, but in the meantime, they really should learn how to understand human language.

An Old Soldier Who Can Die

Dear Old Soldier

You are right on the money for pointing out that the world has long known how things work in this country. We believe the Prime Minister′s speech is no distortion of facts, but it nevertheless angers certain people, which is probably because their stances and interest conflict with the Prime Minister.

There are even some people who argued that the 2006 military coup was necessary, that Mr. Thaksin deserved to be overthrown – that is the stance of people who are not into democracy.

Nonetheless, even though they disagree with the Prime Minister, they should have debated about the speech with reasons, instead of pure emotion and verbal abuses. These critics risk destroying themselves by using such means. 

Khaosod editorial team

Khlongsarn Area has amended its problem

To: Khaosod editorial team

Referring to the 17 April 2013 issue of Khaosod newspaper, in which a certain reader, under nickname Look At The World Brightly, has sent you a letter complaining about many motorcycles and cars parking and driving freely on pavement around Charoen Nakorn Road and Wong Wiang Yai,

Klongsarn Area Administration would like to inform you that:


1. Those who violate the laws by parking their vehicles on pavements would be fined, and our office has been monitoring the roads to deter any wrongdoing.

2. Our officials discovered that customers of Charoen Nakorn market like to park their vehicles on the pavements as they went out shopping. Officials have regularly warned violators to remove their vehicles.

We also would like to thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.
Mr. Wicchapong Suwannamai
Vice Director of Khlongsarn Area.