Monkey Business: Man’s Missing Macaque Found Flirting With Women

UTTARADIT — An emotionally distraught pet macaque was reunited with his human companion Tuesday afternoon in the northern province of Uttaradit.

Chaiwat Peungnoi said the monkey had taken flight from their home, a decision he blamed on the extreme heat and loss of 7-year-old Khai Nui’s female companion.

“It’s probably because of the extremely hot weather. It was 40C yesterday in Uttaradit,” Chaiwat said. “Plus, Toongting, the 3-year-old female monkey I bought as a companion for Khai Nui, died just the day before.”

Chaiwat said the grief caused Khai Nui to go bananas, slip his chains and go looking for Toongting.


The 7-year-old pig-tailed macaque was reunited with Chaiwat on Tuesday after animal control personnel said they found him acting flirtatiously toward human women in front of the provincial public health building.

Residents on Monday had spotted Khai Nui wiggling his brow, winking and making kisses at female humans.

“He’s a smart and playful monkey. He loves the ladies,” Chaiwat said.

“He loves to eat everything people do. He’s very hygienic. If food drops on the ground, he won’t eat it,” Chaiwat said.

He bought the cheeky Khai Nui when the monkey was 3 and the two have grown close over the years.

“He likes it when people scratch his butt,” Chaiwat said.

Before riding off on his motorcycle with the monkey, Chaiwat disputed accusations he might have abandoned him.

“That’s impossible. I love Khai Nui and he loves me. I’ve had him for four years,” Chaiwat said. “As soon as I saw the news online where Khai Nui was, I rushed here to take him home.”

Chaiwat Peungnoi with Khai Nui.
Chaiwat Peungnoi with Khai Nui.
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Khai Nui on Chaiwat Peungnoi’s truck.

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