BANGKOK — Daily decision-making can lead down one life path or another. Illustratrator Wisut Ponnimit reflects human’s determination with animations featuring his signature character Mamuang.

After opening Bangkok CityCity Gallery with his solo “Melo House” in 2015, the cartoonist Wisut Ponnimit still keeps the concept of allowing visitors to have fun exploring the space in which he exposes his works.

Instead of entering a maze to follow paintings of Wisut’s famous characters to nine different exits, this time those characters will come alive in the form of animated characters the artist drew and directed, and the music to which he composed and performed.

Through the “LR” exhibition, guests will be shown that the actions taken in their lives shouldn’t be taken for granted, as they are taken through a tour in which their decisions will lead the story they’re following to a variety of outcomes, giving it a variety of possible endings.



The 40-year-old artist is famous for his comic series “Hesheit” in which the roughly-sketched drawings reflect dark humor and life philosophy. His well-known drawing includes Mamuang – the Thai word for “mango” – a girl whose face shape resembles that of the fruit.

The exhibition will launch at 1pm from May 6 and run through June 25 at Bangkok CityCity Gallery on Sathorn 1 Road. It’s a few minutes walk from MRT Lumphini’s exit No. 2.

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Image from Wisut Ponnimit’s “LR” exhibition. Photo: Bangkok CityCity Gallery / Courtesy