Man Recounts Escape from Car Flattened by Lorry (Video)

Rescue workers at the site of the Sunday accident in Bangkok.
Rescue workers at the site of the Sunday accident in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — A man on Monday explained how he miraculously survived after a trailer truck driven by a drunk driver flattened his car to the ground in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district.

Worawut Yooyatmak, 42, said he survived the Sunday accident – in which a giant truck drifted while turning a corner and collapsed on top of his car – thanks to his quick response and the emergency training he received.

“The second I saw the trailer driving toward me, I hit the brake and slowed my car, but the truck just swiftly turned,” he said. “The container was falling in front of my car. I turned myself to the left and put my head on an armrest.”

He was trapped amid the wreckage two and a half hour and sustained only minor injuries.


“I just saw how my car looked this morning. Everybody said I shouldn’t have survived,” Worawut said. “I personally think I made it because I’ve received training on how to protect myself while being in an accident and because I didn’t lose control. … If I hadn’t turned to the other side I would’ve gotten hurt more.”

Narong Wongpen, the truck driver, pleaded guilty to drunk driving at a district court. The court fined him 6,000 baht and suspended his driving license for six months.