Kickflips, Epic Wipeouts Herald ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ (Photos)

A skater sails over the bar by centimeters in the Vans high ollie competition on Saturday. Photo: Taylor McAvoy

BANGKOK — Cracks of wheels hitting concrete echoed across a skatepark Saturday as a competition took place in metro-Bangkok showcasing skateboarders performing kickflips, k-grinds, and Indy grabs among other tricks.


Vans Go Skateboarding Day kicked off with a parade from Airport Link Ramkhamhaeng to the Skate Park at Hua Mak near Ramkhamhaeng National Stadium, where the event encouraged people to get outside and skate.

Four competition slots – including the high ollie, half pipes and barriers – judged skaters on the best jumps and tricks. Kids tried their feet at skate bowling and other games, with one young girl riding around the arena with various flags.

The event also offered discounts on Vans shoes, skateboards and accessories. Here are the best photos of the day.


IMG 5579
With more than 10 ramps, rails and jumps, riders could try them all at Hua Mak skate park. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5591
A girl carries a skateboarder flag across the arena. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5789
The drop-in. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5739
The landing. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5543
Midair. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
Just before the kickflip. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5705
The wipeout. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5598
Testing out the rail. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5613
Gaining speed. Photo: Taylor McAvoy
IMG 5747
The height of the rail incrementally increased during each round. Photo: Taylor McAvoy