Bangkok Alt-Cinema to Couple Live Music, Italian Horror ‘Suspiria’

BANGKOK — A downtown alternative cinema will give horror-movie mavericks a new lease of spine-chilling experiences next week.

For the Halloween season, a screening room in Sathorn area will show Italian supernatural classic “Suspiria” along with a live music performance.

The 1977 movie focuses on an American girl who transfers to a German ballet academy before she discovers that the school is a front for sinister organization. It is the first film of “The Three Mothers” trilogy, and regarded as director Dario Argento’s masterpiece with stylistic elements and vibrant color palettes.

The movie will be a remastered version with English and Thai subtitles. It will screen Oct. 18 through Nov. 6 at the Bangkok Screening Room.


Only one screening, at 8pm on Oct. 20, will be accompanied with a live music score ending, performed by Bangkok-based producer-musician Pakorn “Beam” Musikaboonlert.

Tickets for the screening with the music performance are 400 baht for the general audience, 380 baht for students and 360 baht for Bangkok Screening Room members.

Tickets for the shows without live music performance are 240 baht for members, 250 baht for students and 300 baht for the general audience.


Find Bangkok Screening Room on the second floor of the Woof Pack Building on Soi Sala Daeng 1, reachable from MRT Lumphini’s exit No. 2 or BTS Sala Daeng’s exit No. 4.