Front Your Baby Bump For Better Chance of BTS Seats

Photo: BTS Skytrain / Facebook

BANGKOK — Ever debated whether to give up a train seat for a woman who could be pregnant or may just look it? Now the BTS Skytrain operator wants to help with that cognitive dissonance.

On Saturday it launched a new program in which pregnant women can register and receive a pin that reads, “Baby on Board” in English for more convenient rail travel.

It’s hoped those sporting the brooch/keychain combo are more likely to win a sympathy seat.

Complete a registration form at any ticket booth by bringing identification, medical details and emergency contact information. In return, pregnant moms will receive their new maternity bling for free.


The operator said it is designing special priority seats for pregnant women that will be offered in the near future, but gave few details.

The public transportation operator said it wants to expand accessibility to other groups including seniors, children, monks and people with disabilities.


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