Pachara ‘Peach’ Chirathivat and Patricia Tanchanok Good in their happier days, long before their epic breakup this year.
Pachara ‘Peach’ Chirathivat and Patricia Tanchanok Good in their happier days, long before their epic breakup this year.

BANGKOK — 2019 is a year of hearts, mended and broken for a lot of celebs. There’s even a kind-hearted one out there, too. 

Thanks to the annual list of nicknames released by an association of entertainment reporters, we can now sit back and reflect on the drama that transpired in the industry that seems to matter far more to news readers than any other. 

10Napat ‘Gun’ Injaiuea and Marie Broenner: “Sugar Overloaded Couple”

The annual celebrity couple slot went to Gun and Marie, who filled their fans with cloying social media posts since they announced their relationship last June. The couple also featured in “Luk Krung” lakorn about a class-divided relationship between a poor singer and a daughter of an army general.

9Nadech Kugimiya: “Gentleman Who Won’t Stop Bragging About His Girl”

Nadech was bestowed last year with “Sweet N&Y” for his diabetes-inducing moments with Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund. The couple continued to sow pillow-clutching envy among their fans, landing him another mention for the second year in a row.

8Pattaradet ‘Mike’ Sa-nguankwamdee: “Stunning Suerpa

The protagonist of an action series “Maturot Lohgan” (Melodious Hell’s Abyss) became an ideal husband for many girls of all ages due to his stunning performance as “Suerpa,”  heartfelt personality, and last but not least – six packs.

7Charlie ‘Nak’ Trairat: “Grandmaster of Reviews”

While many celebrities simply took a selfie to endorse a product, Nak took it to the next level by turning them into homespun ads. Together with his nephew Arthur, they often dressed up and presented the products in an endearing, creative way.

6Pachara ‘Peach’ Chirathivat: “Love Died, But French Fries are Born”

Not all is lost for Peach when the news broke in August that his longtime relationship with actress Patricia Tanchanok Good was over (see next entry). Not only that his fans bombarded him with flirty messages in slight hope to secure marriage with the heir to multi-billion baht Central Group, they also lined up at his recently opened french fries stores to support him.

5Patricia Tanchanok Good: “Secret Date Behind Teddy Bear”

When Patricia was spotted using a teddy bear emoji for a caption of her Instagram post, social media detectives were quick to connect the dots with a hiso businessman, who also used the same emoji for his caption! This earth-shattering discovery led to rumors that the two might be having an affair behind Peach’s back.

Although Patricia initially said the man was Just a Friend™, the claim fell apart when she later admitted that the two had been dating just after she left Peach, drawing flak from netizens.

4Panita ‘Ning’ Tumwattana: “Killing Her Own Husband With Her Post”

It all began when Ning told her Instagram followers that she was stopped by a police officer who tried to to rip her off. Her fans sided with the actress at first, but sympathy soon dried up after the police told their side of the story.

The result was a one-two punch for Panita. She was not only slapped with traffic charges by the police and backlash from netizens, but the case also attracted unwanted attention from the Department of Special Investigation who suspected that her husband’s Maserati might be illegally imported. 

3Sukollawat ‘Weir’ Kanarot: “Worry-Free Handsome”

His soap “Mister Indy Honey Hipster” was a smash hit, his love with Ranee “Bella” Campen is solid, and his restaurant business is doing well. Yeah, this man has nothing to worry about. Next, please. 

2Ranee ‘Bella’ Campen: “The Only-One Beauty”

The nickname was derived from her boyfriend Sukollawat “Weir” Kanarot’s response to the media after rumors spread that he was cheating with actress Kharittha “Ching Ching” Sungsaopath. He denied the rumors and insisted (on camera) that Bella is “the only one” for him. 

1Bin Bunluerit: “Saintly Rescue Worker”

The actor-turned-philanthropist was nowhere to be seen in soaps, but rather in the news where he was fundraising and giving out cash to stranded flood victims in Ubon Ratchathani last September. His charity drive was able to raise 422 million baht – far exceeding the government’s campaign of 263 million baht.

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